Jakub Kiwior (15)

It was his first test in a game of this magnitude, I think he did well and will probably improve.


In the end, he is a CB playing as LB.

A bit shaky in the beginning but not really a terrible performance.
Everyone has a bad game here and there.

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a bit of a scare last game once again highlighting he isn’t ready for the top level all day every day, but no worries as he isn’t the intended first choice rn anyway.

You can tell there is good potential there, seems to me like he’s mentally strong/confident, calm and collected when facing the best of the best which is lovely to see.


I know this is not video game… but I always like players with size.

He does not have the speed and agility, but a 6’2" LB can create some good mismatch to opponents.
Also when we defend, it helps defending high ball.


Shockingly bad performance from him tonight. Got completely turned inside out multiple times. He’s not ready for these kinds of games I guess.

OTOH he’s not a leftback, he’s a center half being asked to play at leftback. Even if Sane isn’t the best winger in the world, he’s still very good. He got roasted a few times but if Tomiyasu wasn’t fit to start (and I don’t know if that’s the case) Arteta went with an ostensibly more secure option than Zinchenko in that leftback position. It didn’t work which is frustrating.

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After all. He is a center back playing left back. It is what it is.

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As I said before, he’s not that better than Zinchenko defensively as a left back.
Tomiyasu is lightyears better than both defensively.

For me he is one of those I’d be open to cash in the summer if a good offer comes. I don’t think he ever displaces Gabriel, nor Saliba. I certainly don’t think he is the solution at left back.

Good age still and seems to be appreciated by many European sides. If anything around 40-50m came in I would drive him to Luton Airport myself.

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Why Luton airport specifically? :joy:

Because it’s the shittiest one.

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He definitely is. Might be closer in 1 on 1s but Kiwior much more assured aerially.

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Kiwior has beeen good. Today, Sane toasted him but he also ran through half of our team.

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In what sense? Zinchenko is one of the best fullbacks in the world in aerial duels.

Or are we talking about long balls? Kiwior does have pace so he can recover if he loses his man. Mind you, he didn’t show that pace against Sane today.

Okay lol all I ever see is wayward headers and uncertainty under aerial balls. But sure, one of the best in the world in the air seems valid.

It’s also statistically proven.

Made a decisive clearance today as well when our defence lost the Bayern players during a free kick.

He’s got a great leap in him.

Zinny is poor defensively. He did pretty well tonight, but he’s qn absolute liability.

What do those stats prove specifically? Please demonstrate how those show he looks comfortable in the air and is accurate with his heading.

Zinchenko did make a crucial headed clearance in one of their moves is all i am going to add here

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For starters, he wins more aerial duels than 6’3” Jakub Kiwior.

What proof do you have that Zinchenko is not assured in the air?

We actually have proof of Kiwior ducking for a header or being soft that led to us conceding.

Paul Robinson scored a goal one time too, so is he a great goal-scorer?