Ivan Perisic

Full name: Ivan Perisic

Date of birth: 2 February 1989 (age 29)
Place of birth: Split, SFR Yugoslavia
Height: 1.86 m (6 ft 1 in)
Playing position: Winger / Attacking midfielder

Loads of reports today saying we have approached Inter Milan to loan, with option to buy for £35m, Ivan Perisic, including from our very own David Ornstein…


Welcome to Arsenal?

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Would be a good deal if it is loan with an option to buy.

Doubt this is an easy deal to complete. Will be d-day stuff if anything.

Everyone on Reddit saying this is a terrible idea.

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Dealing with Italian clubs very rarely goes smooth. Not hopeful.

Is he world-class?

Reddit’s a terrible idea.

Buy him Arsenal

He’s not a world class player but he works hard and contributes well in the attacking phase. He’s a nuisance to defend against and he’s going to be so much better than 20 step overs Iwobi and that is enough for me to say bring him the fuck in.


Him and the Nkunku would be a great January


looks a handy player, he looks like he can actually cross a fucking ball…yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Is he eligable for EL?

Didn’t the rules on cup-tied players get abolished? He should be eligible.

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Yep they changed that rule for this season, conveniently the year after Auba came and couldn’t play for us :xhaka:

35m is a bit steep.

Pull out…


Or you know just buy the player you want and believe well improve you.


That’s poor transfer strategy.

Big who cares if it stops God awful performances like last night and helps us actually play decent football. Which is the only important thing to me even though most fans seem to care about player age, book keeping and other pedantic details at this time of the year.


Lol its really embarrassing how we went to Inter and asked to fucking loan him. I bet Inter couldn’t stop laughing