These situations never end well for the incumbent. When his inner circle start keeping their distance then Netty is done. I think he’s closer to being overthrown than Putin at the moment. Though I’d take a 2 for 1 deal if possible.

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Putin a Net?

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It’s not that hard to rationalize because there are still hostages in Gaza (although who knows if they’re alive or dead at this point given the indiscriminate bombing).

There are some bills coming due for Bibi though. Idk how the ultra Orthodox contingent are going to like being dragged into a conversation about the draft after enjoying decades of exemptions and government stipends. And Bibi needs them to maintain his grip on power.

Cristo, hello it’s me again.

Can you please elaborate how support for the ‘war’ in Gaza is “still very strong?” Has a vote of confidence taken place that I have missed? Do you have any statistics to back up this claim?

Also if support for the ‘war’ is ‘still very strong’ then why are Israelis leaving their beloved homeland Haifa at 3am?

But yes the genocide against innocent Palestinians, other nationals, destruction of churches/mosques/hospitals etc is indeed going very strong. It’s what you expect from terrorists after all.

If the Oct 7th attack was not an act of ‘war’ then I don’t know what is.

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Hey - just repeating what I heard Alistair Campbell and Rory Stewart say on their podcast


Iran doing a madness…

More than 100 explosive drones launched by Iran so far, says Israel

Middle East latest: Iran launches drones at Israel and they will arrive within hours, IDF says | World News | Sky News

Interesting times we’re living in.

Wonder how the key western powers will respond. Seems like all the pressure on Israel for a ceasefire may have cooled things down

Well Israel is killing Iranians in Beirut, Libanon and then attacked the embassy in Damascus, Syria. Which is an act of war as it’s technically Iranian territory.

Mind you, Israel violates two sovereign nations’ airspace to carry out these attacks.

Where is the sovereignty defending gang? :slight_smile:

Iran has to respond to save face, hence the slow ass drones they sent so they will all be shot down.

In any case. Regional bully Israel wants to drag the U.S. into a war, let’s see if the U.S. is stupid enough to fall for it.


What time is the light show?

The lingering question is how Israel will now respond which based on Netanyahu’s interests (staying out of jail) is clear and rather scary.

Unless there’s some kind of intervention Israel will retaliate and an all out war MAY break out.

What I’ll bet my bottom dollar on is Israeli fundamentalists will use this distraction to turn up the meat grinder in Gaza.

This is retaliation and escalation. The consequences of which are severe and will result in more innocent people being killed. Everyone is welcome to argue over the right and wrongs, but ultimately this just plays into the hands of those that want conflict.


I mean I agree this is a dangerous reaction. What alternative reaction would be appropriate after assassinations of military officials and attacks on dignitaries on sovereign soil?

What would you expect from any other sovereign nation?

I would expect retaliation. However my concern is this will just be seized upon to justify further military action. The last thing the world needs is a full scale war in the Middle East.

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Spot on lol.

The irony for Israel to call for an emergency UN Security Council meeting.

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This felt inevitable :frowning:

There are always going to be consequences to allowing a country to attack others with impunity. Let’s just all hope this doesn’t escalate into an all out war.

Media reporting the large majority of the UAVs and missiles missed their target. Iran is a paper tiger really, the technological gap between us and them is large.

A similar situation played out when Trump killed Soleimani and Iran overt retaliation was giving a few US soldiers concussions in a missile attack. With a lot of dictatorships, this sorta thing is about domestic population control rather than showing strength to the west.


Flattening Gaza. Killing thousands of innocents, indiscriminately.

Continuously stealing land in the West Bank which is NOT Israel. Bullying, killing Palestinians out of their own homes.

Violating sovereign nations’ airspace and attacking targets outside Israel at will.

Netanyahu is a war criminal.

Waiting for the US and Western sanctions to commence. :slight_smile:


I think this is the point in which we see everything calm down. Iran got to do a big song and dance for their retaliation, without actually doing any damage. Israel government can use this as a point to ensure de-escalation

Buy the dip.

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Absolutely wild from Riley