Yeah but alive

Why are we against Palestinians being alive?

Alive is good. Alive and not permanently displaced from their homes is better.

Alive, and not permanently displaced from their homes and not being attacked by a government committing war crimes is ideal.


Think you are missing the main element to this war. Palestinians abandoning Gaza completely belittles the fight - it is over occupancy of land!

Not an exact equivalence, but that’s like saying all Ukrainians should emigrate to Poland to stop civilians being killed by Russian soldiers.

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Who gives a flying fuck…people are dying.

Move them to n number of Arab countries where they can be alive and start their lives afresh.

Do you apply the same logic to Ukranians? If so, okay.

Ukrainians can simply leave their homeland if they no longer wish to get bombed.

This is what rabid zionists call transfer but in reality, it’s expulsion.


I have always used the word expulsion

Did Ukraine instigate the war?

Very dangerous territory here. I’m not informed enough or close enough to suggest who the group in the wrong is here. However, the solution can’t be that Palestinian civillians leave to stop the bombing. The bombing is the problem.


My question is how do we go from Oct 7 to proposing to expel civilians from their homeland?

That’s not even factoring in the excess of civilians death imbetween.

Some would argue yes by buddying up with NATO.

How have Palestinian civilians instigated this war. I’m genuinely asking.

Action and consequences.

Hamas are elected representatives of Palestinians and any action conducted by them are the actions conducted by Palestinians.
October attack is thereby a responsibility of Palestinians.

Similarly any sanctions, (or potential attacks or increase in terrorism) that come about Israel’s action becomes a responsibility for every Israeli civilian as that is the action conducted by their representatives. Israelis can’t raise their hands up and say it was all Netanyahu.

Hamas had 3 choices - don’t attack, don’t abduct and finally release hostages instead of holding them for 128 days.
They took none of those choices.

With regards to Ukraine, Russia took over Crimea long before Ukraine started sleeping with NATO.

For me that seems like the only solution to proper freedom once Palestinian leaders decided to botch the Oslo negotiation.

Even at it’s best, Palestinians were living in camps.
They were always better off being taken care of by their own people than Jews.

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When was the last time Gaza had elections? Hamas is awful, yes, but given how many times we’re told how young the population of Gaza is, it’s not like they would have voted for Hamas. How many of them were even alive in 06?

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I don’t know how we can equalise for that.

I wish there were a global central power that conducted fair elections. In the absence of such an entity, only civil disobedience can topple a dictatorial regime.

Add to that a certain amount of strong-arming during that election process.

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Even if all that weren’t true, it’s still collective punishment that’s being suggested.

Unironically, a war crime which the Jewish people have a great deal of experience of being subjected to.


The sole vote against it :joy::joy:

Don’t forget the UK, which spinelessly abstained as usual.

Kind of hard to imagine how much damage the USA and Democrats in particular are doing to their reputations by fucking this up so badly.

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