Islamic Terrorists Kill Priest at Altar

Disgusting. The tipping point creeps ever closer.

And to think France is bombing Raqqa and going through an emergency state. And yet IS is finding it easy to attack them.

Absolutely horrific. That poor priest. :worried:

Attacks in Europe becoming a daily thing atm. “We must learn to live with terrorism” Yeaaaah.

Rest In Peace, Father Jacques Hamel. Lived through the Nazi invasion only to be slaughtered towards the end of his life by Islamic Terrorists.


Tipping point to what? Nothing some hashtags and Facebook profile picture changes can’t solve.

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Migrant sex attacks will spark confrontation with Islam in Europe – intelligence chief

FRANCE is on the verge of civil war that could be sparked by the
mass sexual assault of women by migrants, according to the country’s
head of intelligence.

It’s not just the sex attacks that could trigger mass civil unrest.

German officials warning of the same. Europe is a ticking time-bomb.

And the perp who killed the priest was wearing a surveillance tag? Who’s running the show over there? Inspector Clouseau?

So ISIS are getting fucked now. Some good news in 2016 at last.

Fuckers getting whats coming to them.

Iraqi forces at the gates of Mosul and US/Turkey apparently planning raids on Raqqa.

The raid on Mosul has been covered by the BBC but striking how little coverage I have seen of this compared to ISIS gains in Mosul or whenever they would trash some archaeological site for the History Channel…

Also a ‘terrorist’ plot to attack Somali Muslims in Kansas was foiled by the FBI the other day. I say ‘terrorist’ because the media actually went with militia to describe them despite the hallmarks of a terrorist attack.

Why? Three white guys did it.

Were it the other way round, no doubts there would have been wall to wall 24/7 coverage of the event with dodgy ‘experts’ who had written a blog on 9/11 to get their credentials given airtime to spout all kinds of bollocks on the Cunts News Network.

As it is, they were too busy focusing on the real stories, like if Donald Trump had farted in the last hour.