Is the FA Cup still a major title?

Good performance, well deserved.
14 is impressive, but it’s just the FA Cup. It’s better than winning nothing, but surely Arsenal want the PL or CL. Unless the club feels it can’t compete at that level anymore…


Good thread, simple answer

Not as big as CL or PL.

Bigger than the LC


It used to be every England schoolboys dream to play in an FA Cup final. Has it lost lost some prestige? Yes but it’s still a trophy and I think the clubs without trophies in our league are secretly a little jealous

Would we rather win a League or CL, yes. But it’s arguably better than top 4 and no trophy.



Yes. It’s the major domestic cup of a country.

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Of course it is! :tierney2:

Yes. Unsuccessful troll is unsuccessful.


It’s literally the second best domestic trophy you can win in the country. How is this even a question.


There are only 4 trophies a club can compete in.

People speak as if there are 10 to 15 trophies out there and FA Cup comes low in the priority.

3rd best trophy you can achieve so it is a major trophy.


How many clubs outside the big 6 have won it the last 30 years?

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Arsenal have been spoilt. But winning a trophy is actually a pretty rare thing in football. Many fans go their whole life not seeing their team even come close to winning a trophy. So it’s not “just” the FA Cup, it’s a bloody big deal.

Not being as big as the CL or PL doesn’t make it shit.


Portsmouth and Spurs and Wigan

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And what is the point of trophies?
To bring joy of glory to the fans.

I have experience 4 FA cups with this community and FA cup has always managed to make us happy.

Only a miserable few don’t tend to enjoy FA Cup victory (coincidently also the same bunch make huge fuss when we get out of it)

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Point them out to me.

I will make them pay.

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It’s always an interesting question though. Yes for me but how many would sack it for top 4. I wouldn’t but I’m guessing if the question was rephrased that way I’d be in the minority.

Obvious troll is obvious

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