International Friendlies

Roberto Martinez will cock it up.


They certainly have one of the best talent pools in the world. Think once this generation gets over the hurdle of winning something, they can then win even more things.
Same for England.

How does this guy keep getting work lol?

Was horrendous at Belgium


In the words of Roy Keane

‘very lucky’

Probably why all the other bum managers find jobs at the international level.

Most top managers are just not interested in coaching national teams.

I feel like Italy has been the only nation that has consistently had a top manager in charge over the years.


Ronaldo golazo

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He’s looking so sharp, him and Pepe are balling out at 39 and 41 respectively.

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The euros are is the last dance to pump the CR7 :goat: agenda

Yeah. I know we’re favourites with the bookies, but I’ve got a Portugal v France final down.

France should be overwhelming favourites, they have the best squad and piss easy route to the semi’s (where they might meet us).

Assuming Eng win our group, we’re gonna get a tough QF. Whoever finishes 2nd of Spain, Italy, Croatia or Switzerland/Germany. Should get an easy first knockout game unless we fuck the group up, then we get again Spain/Italy/Croatia right off.

Eight years in the making, Scriptwriters at work.