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I hope you don’t mind me posting on here.

Just over a week ago I created a twitter page called ‘InOnTen’ after reading multiple tweets regarding the need for an organised, meaningful but peaceful protest against the use of VAR in the Premier League. Many people stated that they would be willing to participate in a realistic protest however there was a need for an exact protest idea and dates for such a protest to be communicated to each fanbase.

The account is advocating the idea that fans enter the stadiums of all Premier League matches in the 10thminute on the weekend of the 22nd February. That weekend, Arsenal host Everton live on Sky Sports, meaning Arsenal fans have a really important role to play in this protest if it is to be a success, as the Emirates will be clearly visible in front of the TV cameras.

There are many specific clubs who are extremely vocal in being anti-VAR and have been extremely good in responding to the page and protest idea, however Arsenal does not seem to be one of them. I was wondering what the general feeling is among the Arsenal fanbase regarding VAR and this protest idea. Would this be something Arsenal fans would be happy to participate in? If so, are there any other forums, twitter pages or fan groups who I should speak to, or you would be happy to speak to regarding this idea in order to raise awareness among the Arsenal fanbase.

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Oh lordy lord

The Arsenal fans barely protest when the clubs gone to the dogs, so forget VAR mate.


Ha. What a load of nonsense. Tempted to get a ticket to make sure I’m in the ground nice and early.

I’m pro-var, it’s here to stay.


Being pro VAR means your a top flight fan because nobody else uses it.

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Not more of this shit.

Outrage culture back at its best.

Being anti-VAR is anti progress, fucking luddites.


Personally I think we need VAR for VAR. Someone needs to check up on these dodgy calls. Obciously we’ll need more screens- double the excitement!