Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny


I’ve ruffled feathers with comments about Godzilla and Waterworld…

I watched the first Indiana Jones film, found myself a little bored by it, and haven’t gone back to watch any of the sequels :grimacing:


You’re actually a monster


I think I’m bang on about Godzilla in particular, but with Indiana Jones I know that the problem lies somewhere at my end haha

Maybe that’s the case with Waterworld and Godzilla as well :eyes:

Jones is a boring as fuck.

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Look, I’ve already gone further than most would in denouncing their own opinion, stop pushing for more from me :grin:

IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes are not the be all and end all, I don’t really consult them much, but I feel they’re illustrative here…

Raiders of the Lost Ark: 8.4 and 96%
Godzilla: 5.4 and 16%


Otherwise known as the enlightened ones. :xhaka2:


Fleabag will ruin this film

I always found Indiana Jones to be a bit overrated but essentially good up until the one they shouldn’t have done where he survived the nuke in a fridge. This should get straight in the bin.

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It is like Star Wars… a movie for memories
I don’t expect Harrison Ford is having an Oscar performance acting or anything…
It is all about memories, another sent off.
Bye Han Solo, bye Indiana…

Ridiculously excited about this

Cannot wait

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Summary: jones and his assistant goes back in time, jones dies saving his assistant, his assistant goes to do what he did in order to save him and becomes the new Indiana jones.

Another bait and switch to put a woman as the lead in franchise by Kathleen Kennedy; this film has been delayed for about two years, test screening has been poor with nobody liking it, the ending has been changed at least five times and test screens came back with poor reviews.

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If they try and set up Waller Bridge as the next Indy, the new sequels will get the same treatment as the female Ghostbusters guaranteed.

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I can’t believe anyone truly gives a shit about them casting women in roles previously held by men.

Just don’t watch it ffs :joy:

How do you think people would react if they rebooted Tombraider and Alien but recasted Croft and Ripley as men? :joy:

I’m sure some would react as if it was a victory :joy:

The thing is though there’s no market for a Larry Croft.

Maybe there’s no market for Diana Jones, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Look at the Ghostbusters film, women didn’t want to go see it despite being an all female cast and despite women being the biggest cinema going segment.

According to wiki it did $229m at the box office. Not groundbreaking but not nothing either. Definitely not a flop.

Anyway, I’m just saying it shouldn’t matter to anyone. It literally doesn’t affect anyone in any material way whatsoever.

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Yeah I know it shouldn’t, but for a lot of people it becomes a matter of principle.

Personally I think they should just give female characters their own original IP like Atomic Blonde and Furiosa.

People don’t have a problem with that.