Independent Football Regulator

Be interesting to see where this goes. There will be a lot of resources put into trying to corruptly water the idea down by the PL and it’s clubs. Presumably, there will be at least some benefit for fans though and that will surely disgust the league and tv companies.

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Have to be sceptical if nothing gets implemented to 2024 and no timetable as of yet of anything tangible.

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It depends on who the government get to implement it and if it really is fan led.
How unbiased is a regulator likely to be?

This just sounds like a feeble attempt by the Tories to placate the supporters, while giving out highly paid yet ineffective jobs to their mates.

It’s just going to end up like FFP.
The big clubs and TV companies run football and nothing is going to change without their say so.

Having an energies regulator doesn’t stop 50% price increases and this won’t stop or change anything either.

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Does the timing of Mike Read’s retirement figure into this, I wonder? Just kidding (I hope). :slight_smile:

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