Ignoring notifications/users posts

Many of you over the years have wanted to have the ability of not receiving notifiications from members that may have not wanted to hear from.

Well now on Discourse, you can!

SImply click your avatar top right hand corner and click the preference button.

Then, scroll all the way to the bottom, where you’ll see a box saying “Users” Then simply type in the name of the user you wish to ignore receiving noftications from. Then click save changes, job done!

This will block things like, if you received a like from this poster, if they’ve posted in the same thread as you. So a very handy tool.

Haha poor GFI

I don’t give a fuck :wink:


Is there an option to block/ignore a user altogether?

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Nope. The software creator doesn’t agree with being able to do that.

One of the main complaints we’ve had since the start of new OA back in 2016, is not having the ability to ignore users posts. Well at long last, Discourse have finally created such a feature!

There are two ways in which you can put a member’s posts on ignore.

Option 1: Go to your preferences > Then on the left hand side click the 6th tab “Users”. Then you’ll see a new option “Ignored”. Simply enter the member’s name you wish to hide their posts from seeing. Lastly, click save changes and you will no longer see that members posts displayed.

Option 2: Click profile of member you wish to ignore their posts. Then at the top right of the profile, you’ll see Ignore. Click it, and job done. You’ll notice immediately you have the ability to unignore the member if you so wish to do so.

Obviously we only recommend you use this feature as a last resort on a member if they’re that unbearable to read. Alternatively, try sort out any issues or problems you may have with a member via PM.

Please bare in mind, this feature is still in beta phase by the developers, so if you happen to occur any problems, please let us know :slight_smile:


I am concerned now

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Who said that?


i see what you did there :kos2:

Fantastic news! Finally! :kos2:

Each to their own on this but I find blocking a bit shallow personally. Guess its up to members to enjoy the forum anyway they wish I suppose.
Rest assured though any personal insults or forth coming birthday wishes will always show up to me.


I’ve asked for this a few times in heats of the moment but we all know we would just press show ignored users post every time :joy: so can’t see this being used by myself

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I think if you’re over the age of 12 and decide to use this feature then you should reappraise your life situation and give your head a wiggle too :flushed:


No one is near enough of a cockwomble on this platform to warrant an ignore :smile:

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Robin going all in like Torreira with studs up

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^^ I take it all back, can’t stand this guy.

Account -> Profile options -> Ignore Cristo :grimacing:


You couldn’t basically talk to no one :henry2:

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Don’t know if I could bring myself to use this even if I wanted to

The speculation of wondering what people are discussing without knowing might eat me alive :gabriel:

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