If Football players were Pokemon, what would they be?


I remember ages ago in one thread a player ended up being described by a particular pokemon that led others being compared.

Well seeing as the Pokemon hype is in full swing and we need a bit of light hearted entertainment given the mess Arsenal are seemingly in atm, I have no doubt we won’t be short on some fun suggestions.


Which Pokemon were cunts?

Those ones.


Squirtel Squad


If footballers were Pokemon, these would be our bunch.


I’d give you a like but I’ve no idea if you’re right or not. :slight_smile:


Ozil :sweat_smile:


Sam Allardice = Snorlax


Cesc Fabregas


Yaya Sanogo:


When he evolves into Golduck and becomes a beast you’ll eat your words…


Luis Suarez (Saw this on facebook couple of days ago)