I dislike this manager because


Been a member of this forum for so many years now, so I know what managers most of you dislike (and even hate). But I do not know why! Is there any particular reason why you recent that single manager? Because his style of play or choice of shoe colour? etc.

I dislike George Graham not only for his shabby dealings, but mostly because of his treatment of certain players. For me he represents the Stone Age of football, a time when physical strength and macho attitude was a norm.

I dislike Louis van Gaal for being so arrogant. When he’s obviously wrong he still believes he’s right.

I dislike Pep Guardiola for being arrogant too and I believe he got a unproven soft cushion ride into the top clubs.

I dislike Tony Pulis just because he wears a track suit on the sideline. Just as classless as his comments in the media.


Joe Kinnear because he once called N’Zogbia “insomnia”. It’s a silly reason but i’ve had an irrational dislike for him since then :laughing:

Tony Pulis – for teaching his players to assault the opposition and then refusing to apologise

He’s dead now, but I never liked Luis Arangones – for his racist comment towards Thierry Henry


Yohan Kebab instead of Cabaye was my fave :rofl:


Arsene Wenger

Cause he never leaves


i dislike mcclaren, for those stupid accents he puts on when in other countries…plus he is absolute garbage.


Mourinho - He’s been a cunt to Wenger. He stops young/exciting players from reaching their potential, like Pogba, Martial atm. He’s just an enemy of football

Pulis - Poor mans version of Mourinho. Awful football

Big Sam - Maybe a funny character at times, but too similar to Pulis imo. He hogs jobs where a younger, better manager could get instead


Yeah, Barcelona was clearly wrong in putting their trust in him. :roll_eyes:


Mainly Mourinho for being a bully with a Napoleon Complex. I don’t really dislike too many managers.


Among many others.


This is actually called accomodation theory where you take the accent and mannerisms of those around you to fit in. He might not have been doing it conciously.


Man you are tiresome.


Mourinho - he is only about his antics. Overrated manager.
Hughes - only put in effort against us.

Starting to dislike Pep as well. He looks a nice person, but he is a cunt of the highest order in the end.


I disliked Steve Mcclaren because of the optical illusion he created with his front hair. For a long time, I didn’t realise he was bald.



Mark Hughes, because he’s a massive cockwomble.


Arry Redknapp - Wheeler and dealer, lived off the back of his famous West Ham days when the likes of Lampard et all came through. Then seeing his annoying fucking face pop up on SSN on deadline fucking day every window…Caaaaaaaant!

Tony Pulis - That Stoke team were thuggish cunt’s for a long time and he got away with it with his comments about us basically being pussies. NO, Tony breaking someones leg and possibly ending their fucking career is not ok you cunt.

Mourinho - Has nothing to do with the fact he manages/d Chelse or United, the guy is a disrespectful bully, can’t fucking stand bullies.


Apart from George Graham.


What about Gooner Tim?


Nope. I will further discount Chris Hughton though who had a stint as caretaker.


What about the fan who thought he could do a better job, who Sherwood then gave his gilet to and let sit in the dugout? Does he get a pass too? :grin:


Nah. Cunt.