'I always rated him' thread 2018-19

So let’s document our opinion regarding Arsenal players - How much do you rate them currently and where far do you believe they would go?

You can categorize your opinion based on below criteria

On a scale of Mark Randall to Dennis Bergkamp, How successful do you believe this player will be with Arsenal?
Mark Randall - No idea why he was even relevant
Frimpong - Loud and whimpers away
Henri Lansbury - Championship grade
Carl Jenkinson - PL grade, somehow stuck around, not played much.
Denilson - PL grade, somehow stuck around, played a lot.
Arshavin - Exciting but short term
David O’Leary - Long-term servant
Cesc Fabregas - Bordering on the legend status
Dennis Bergkamp - Legend
Pat Rice - Face of Arsenal

How long do you think the player would last in the club?

How good a player in his prime, will he eventually be with Arsenal or elsewhere?
Alexandre Pato
Gareth Barry
League’s best in his position
League’s best
World Class

How do you think his overall career will pan out?
Won’t be a professional footballer for long
Inferior non-european leagues
Inferior european leagues
European top leagues - lesser clubs
European top leagues - midtable clubs
Nicolas Anelka
Respected professional plying with only top clubs
World class player plying with multiple top clubs
Club Legend

Transfer Valuation
Free agent
Above 100m
Qatar will purchase him

Or whatever you wanna document about a player.


Holding and Mavropanos will be our long term CB’s

Would be pretty miraculous if that turned out to be the case, two youth centre backs both graduating to first choice and forming a partnership together for a top side.

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When’s the last time that actually happened? Anywhere?

Edit: I’m not being snarky btw lol I’m genuinely asking.

Pique and Puyol are both Barcelona youth products but they didn’t come through together

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True well I think they will both be in match day squads for seasons to come then. Do think at least one will end up one of our first choice CB’s tho

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I remember the days when I used to give a fuck about the existence of the likes of Mark Randall. What an absolute waste of my life.


If his name was Marco Randelli he’d have been given a proper chance by Wenger…

I personally think Holding will end up being either a squad player at Arsenal or a long term CB at a club like Everton or Leicester…


That’s not a bad selection of players, questions and options but I still can’t categorise them like this without thinking they’re not accurately reflecting what I’d predict.

With Iwobi I’d select “Arshavin - 5 years - Gareth Barry - midtable - 10-20m” but that’s mostly rounding up/down.

Will just go through each player and how I predict it’ll turn out.

Reiss Nelson - two years of on-off excitement and promise, before the uncertainty for him and us culminates in letting him go abroad. A good old tale of what might have been.

Eddie Nketiah - never quite establishes a first team run. Few more League/FA Cup runs before moving to a Championship/newly promoted club.

Ainsley Maitland-Niles - injury problems persist and struggles for opportunities as arrivals come in. Moves to a newly promoted side in a year or two.

Mattéo Guendouzi - continues to progress well in Emery’s developmental system but primarily in bit part roles. Make or break moment comes in a year or two and grabs it with both hands. #success

Konstantinos Mavropanos - hardest one to call. Throw a guess that after this season he’ll have one more year as a 4th choice followed by a 2 year run in and around the first team. Faces stiff competition with recruitments and Rob Holding. Ends up abroad within 3 years.

Rob Holding - accumulates consistent appearances with the first team before recruitment and form begin to change that. Can see it being touch and go with his future in 18 months-2 years from now with other big six clubs interested.

Alex Iwobi - several solid first team runs over the next two seasons, peaking a year from now and maintaining his status as a highly useful squad player for 2-3 seasons. Moves to a midtable side in 4/5 years.

Look forward to how stupid this will look in a few years time.


If only I knew polls were so much better when I started this thread.

Pretty excellent predictions @Hass .


Remember Lansbury?

Who could forget her? :grinning:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Also good prediction about Holding @Aussiegooner

And spot on as well @Hass