Anybody see this tonight?

What a load of shite. Needed to get that off my chest.

You have 2 ex-military, one of whom thought it was a wise idea to email a list of his own likely contacts to himself before starting the event.

You have those girls, at whose parents house that key piece of paper detailing their plans just happened to be left lying around on the table.

Half of them have given the game away before they’ve even started. Why go near a cash machine, if it’s only £250 they’re giving you then ignore it and carry cash. Delete all social media profiles. Write everything down on paper and take it with you. Leave your phone behind.

Amateurs! :sunglasses:


I’m really enjoying it so far!

I thought it was excellent, but they’ve picked a complete bunch of cunts. I honestly could do so much better, especially if I knew I was going on the show and had time to prepare.

Why the fuck any of them are making contact with people they know, like those military guys… fucking boggles the mind. Severe all contact for 28 days. Don’t use phone. Also having your password be your hometown and then have it in your password hints lol

I bet that stay at home dad is going to surprise, even if he got lucky at the start.


I fear it’s fixed, erm sorry i mean “slightly dramatised for TV purposes”. Shouldn’t be as they try and push it all as being so real, but you just can’t believe some people are that moronic.

Another one, dopey Mr ex-army man is never really going to try and rendezvous with the wife and kid, hope he gets caught first, they deserve it. I also reckon the guy on his own is going to be the dark horse and possibly the woman, wasn’t much on her at all in the episode.

I’ll give the 2nd episode a watch though, see if people actually start behaving like you would if you were actually on the run for a month. :flushed:


Yeah I’ll definitely see the second episode as well but I fear it might all be rigged which is a shame.

It really pissed me off he went through all that trouble to see his baby and almost got caught for it. Fucking deserves to get caught. It’s just a bloody birthday, it did seem a bit staged especially since the hunters were like “he’ll definitely do it” and then he does the most stupid thing.

Those 2 black guys won’t last long either, maybe the 2 hitchhiking girls will make it now that they were able to get a lift with the guy in the jag.


When the security forces/the hunters have the military guys cornered in the restaurant, they seem shocked and unprepared for the reality that they might try and leave via a backdoor.

I can cope with the hunted being morons and doing obviously stupid stuff, but I lose any belief in the show being a genuine hunt when supposed experts don’t cover all exits to a fucking curry house lol.


Those two girls that are at one of the service stations north of the M6 and then blag a hitchhike in a car all the way down to Cornwall (easy enough when you’re two females).

In all honesty they should be able to last the remaining time out easily now without being caught. Cornwall is mostly remote anyway, ask to be dropped off in a small village and just camp outside it for a few weeks. The hunters aren’t going to be tipped off to any CCTV that far away from the last sighting.

Unless they’re given away by anyone who watches the show: unlikely as this is 2016 (not the late 90s, when ‘Wanted’ was on our screens and there were far fewer tv channels / distractions about). The thing about Wanted was that lots of people watched it and they had to hide for the last hour in a public phone box, so naturally much harder than this anyway.

But of course this won’t happen and i’m sure by the middle of the next episode they’ll be chasing them around Cornwall naturall. Bollocks say I.

I suspect, far from the angle that ‘Britain is the most watched country in Europe’, it’s actually fairly fucking easy to hide out for a month if you’re okay with camping, keeping a low profile, not using a phone or cash machine and not being a moron. Easier to hide amongst 65 million people than 6.5 million i’d say.


I meant to watch but forgot. How do we know what they’re up to? Do they have camera crews following them? Or are they just following the hunters?


They’ve got a specially trained “covert cameraman” following each pair of hunted.

Robin, I think the hunters hadn’t taken into account that they might get spotted by the hunted. In the curryhouse the army dude sees them as soon as they walk in because they look like a bunch of southern fairies that stick out among the gritty, salt of the earth northerners in Blackpool.

I think if you had taken out enough cash beforehand, then camping out for a month or even crashing in a hostel would be easy enough to do. But doing it for longer would be real hard, unless you worked as a farmland for cash in hand or something.


The setup is quite simple in reality.

Some of the people that apply to be on the show have a mental assessment and a series of interviews. The numbers are then reduced and according to the production company, there were 56 people on the previous series that thought they were going to be doing it…

They’re then left alone not knowing if they’re going to be on the show but told to make arrangements anyway, i.e pack a bag and so on.

The bags etc are all checked before it starts so they’re not allowed to take money, credit cards or anything like that with them.

The morning of the filming, they are called, told to collect their bags and then it begins. There’s very little time for preperation which is the whole point… No time to delete social media profiles or change passwords - Realistically, would the authorities find you based on your online activity? I can almost guarantee they wouldn’t find out much about me even if they had all of my devices and even if they somehow managed to figure out all of my passwords.

The stupidity of some of them is amusing though.

The girls in the Jag would be on CCTV as it was at a motorway petrol station complete with ANPR cameras and decent CCTV on entry and exit roads.

The two army guys are cocky but predictable - Not sure why the hunters didn’t just walk up to the table they were sat at instead of waiting outside. Seems pointless but there’s probably some actual law about harassing people on private property or something - don’t forget, they’re not legally entitled to do anything that the police/security services can actually do i.e no speeding, no violence, no law breaking.

I’ll apply again next year :slight_smile:


They can’t start with cash but they can stash some, have it sent to them and stuff like that - The difficulty is that they don’t know they’ll be on the show until very short notice hence why there are some people who set off as a single entity instead of in a pair. The other person that was supposed to be with them couldn’t make it for whatever reason.

If you had to leave right now with nothing, where is your cash stashed?


I’d start taking cash out every day the day after I applied to be on the program and then keep it nearby. They obviously get to pack tents and hiking gear and other equipment so some prep is allowed.

In reality, many criminals have bug-out/armageddon bags with money, clothes, equipment etc. ready to go so it’s not too unbelievable.


I saw bits of it , it looks fixed !


Had a look on catchup sorely because of this thread and have started to watch the first episode of season 1. Looks an interesting show! Basically is it random members of the public are “most wanted” and the “police” are trying to find them?


Watched the first season on catch-up. Spoiler below:

Two guys from Walsall where my favourite out of all the contestant’s. Was pleased they evaded the hunters and got away!

This is a brilliant show! Wondering if the 2nd season will be as good…


Fake ass shit. Bah, i’m disappointed in this for some reason.

Former MI5 operations officers losing a couple of people out the back of a restaurant? :joy: Fuck off.

Obviously the two ex-army guys with all their surveillance avoidance training (such as repeatedly using their mobiles to call contacts) were too good TV for the producers to dispense with in the first episode, so they let them get away for a bit


Yeah I’ve watched all the episodes so far and I’ve enjoyed it but it’s obviously scripted.

There are just too many coincidences in what the hunters say the hunted will do and then they just happen to do it. Like i know the hunters are good but it’s just too obvious at times.


Very scripted!

and of course of all the potential extraction points in the whole United Kingdom - sea and air - they managed to divert all their Hunter teams to that place in Kent with a little too much certainty in my eyes.

I suppose with the people on the run getting smarter in the closing weeks, even the Hunter HQ would’ve needed a few cheats via whoever was coordinating the whole thing in order to ensure that it made good telly.

I feel like they would’ve had to cheat quite a lot with Nick to even get close to him, as he was so much the ‘grey man’ and the people he was staying with (let’s politely say of the older generation) are just not the type who would be giving him up for a reward.


Yeah definitely, also those camera men with the hunted are not inconspicuous at all. Like in the slightest.