Huddersfield Town Vs three away points in 2018 FC

Finally we have reached the end of this awful fucking season!!!

oh it’s also Arsene Wenger’s last game in charge of Arsenal Football Club as first team manager! Lets send him off with a win.

Sunday 13 May
The John Smith’s Stadium
KO: 15.00

  • Win
  • Draw
  • Loss

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Who’d be your typical John Smith’s drinker? It’s my favorite thing to drink if I’m in England cos you can’t get it here anymore.

What is it? Bitter? Not for me tbh

The footballing gods won’t (shouldn’t?) allow Big Weng’s final Arsenal team to lose this game.

I’d like to think it’ll be a half decent ref and he’ll tip more than a few 50/50s Arsenal’s way, especially now Huddersfield are safe. Yes that’s right I’m questioning a referee’s capability of remaining impartial in unusual circumstances :sunglasses:.

A dull draw would be perhaps the worst result of the lot. Give us a victory or a heroic defeat

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An 8th consecutive league defeat away from home to send Arsene off, at least the 9th last away league of his tenure was a gallant point at West Brom though. Huddersfield 2-1.

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The first away point in 2018 is coming.

Just out of curiosity: has you ever predicted us to win? :rofl:

I hope we lose so it’s easier for Arteta to bring improvement :grimacing:

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I’m actually quite sad that the season is ending

I’ve laughed so much at us. Proper out loud laughing sometimes too.

Arsenal have been a hoot this year, but we’re going to have to take it more seriously next season :unamused:

I think we’ll win, but if they comically lose again I won’t complain


Yes predicted us to beat Leicester last night. I was wrong.

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Predict us to lose now :wink:

I really thought this game would be selected for TV. Especially given there is nothing to play for in the rest of the PL.

Usually I wouldn’t care, but i’d like to see Wenger’s last game Stream it is.

Have no interest again but its ironic his last game is here in the shadow of our first great manager Herbert Chapman. One manager of the past who defined the club and the other who reinvented us in the modern day era.
Be a relaxed atmosphere and entertaining game with 2 bad defences helping to a few goals. Go for a 2 2 draw and start again.

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Let’s destroy these cunts!

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Wenger gets his send off in the GOAT black third :sunglasses:

Sad this is the last time were gonna wear it :cry:

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Huddersfield will be too drunk to play after celebrating surviving. 5-0. Aubameyang hat trick

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I mean I doubt there’s a team in this league who wouldn’t give him a guard of honour on his final game tbh

Nice one! Let us win as well :mustafi:

They’re going all out to win our approval :grin: