Huddersfield Town Vs Arsenal (PL)


Bring on Suarez


We have been so bad. Any other team and we are losing right now.


Both goals coming off our wing back play :sweat_smile:.


Yeah see we’ll win this but 4 of our 5 away wins will have been the bottom 5 with the only credible away win being Bournemouth.

This type of performance only confirms my belief that we’ll struggle to win away games at Wolves, Everton, Leicester & Watford in the run in.


Elneny coming on…


Torreira not at his best today


Wolves will beat us. Draw at Watford beat Leicester and Everton imo




Kola is so good offensively


elneny stole in on laca there he aint happy


they are a very good solid team. Who should have beat us at the emirates already haha


This is our last given result on the road. All the rest are in the balance as we are not a formidable side in anyway you look at it.
Where looking at this run in as result only when we need to be concentrating on some style and substance. Ordinary as fuck to watch.


Emery having a real go at the players now, was practically screaming in Ainsley’s face there


Needs to scream at the fucking board to release some money.


Fucking Huddersfield having 66% possession against us


I’d take 7/12 in those 4 away games given the level of our play.


Iwobi good god…


shit almost 3


When’s the last time Iwobi has been through on goal and finished?