Huddersfield Town Vs Arsenal (PL)


Almost fucked by Mkhi though


Get in


I know it’s only Huddersfield. But it feels very good to have Mikky back :mkhi:


We need four more


Laca the fucking DONNNNNNNNNNNN

Ice cool finish :laca:


I agree, didn’t think I would be saying that too. Been our brightest player this half imo.


What is it with the Huddersfield fans claiming a handball every time we chest it down? Have they ever watched football before lmao




I think aside from that one stupid giveaway, Maitland-Niles has been pretty good. Obviously he hasn’t been tested defensively but he looks really sharp going forward.


We have conceded 0 goals this half, yet Mustafi is having a mare. He cant pass, he cant tackle, he cant think. Wtf is dis.


He’s fucking shocking isn’t he, always finds a way to create an issue out of nothing


Feel a bit for Huddersfield as they haven’t been to bad for them, we have been dire as fuck and extremely lucky it’s 2-0.


Thought you we watching the Liverpool game tbh.


cheer up aussie we are 0-2 up thanks to your boy


Nice to see Lacazette rewarded with a goal, hopefully he gets another one. His work rate and combination play has been good this season, just doesn’t have as many goals as I’m sure he’d like. Probably be a good opportunity for him to add to it in the second half also especially if Huddersfield give up.


Time to work on our Goal difference in the second half.


Thought watching the team that never scores at home vs the team that never keeps a clean sheet away would be more interesting than watching an Anfield home banker.

#138 Laca 0-2 Iwobi 0-1




Yeah we’re all over the place