How would you change the World Cup?

Could make the play offs more global I suppose.
Oceania tend to always play a south American.
No reason why the continents can’t mix it up more.

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Why? This is precisely why football around the globe suffers comparative to Europe. Because not only is all the money in Europe they get additional exposure in every imaginable way. It’s easy to sit there and say European teams are the best when they’ve benefited for basically 80-90 years of preferential treatment in the biggest international tournament. The fact Africa only had one team it for a long time is testament to how late a start they’ve had in being able to develop football in their nations.

I’d actually like FIFA to expand the competition to give countries from more continents places in the tournament to broaden the participation and hopefully help to create greater investment across all levels of other continental football federations.


Europe having a disproportionate number of places and European teams dominating the tournaments recent history are not unconnected. That dominance is its own argument for reform.


Yea I’ve gone from wanting more places for UEFA (selfishness mostly as Ireland have a better chance of getting in then) to being pretty against it. 13 spots is plenty whether there are 32 or 48 in total.


So if we had just 6 spots you think France wouldn’t have been as good in the last two tournaments? Spain wouldn’t have won in 2010 despite being the best team on the planet?

The number of spots has nothing to do with European dominance imo, we had the same number of spots when Brazil were winning. We also had 13 spots when it was only 24 teams, so if anything the dominance should’ve waned with the expansion if that was the cause.

More likely the dominance of the European leagues across the world of football and the money pumped into our game comparatively that makes European teams stronger.

I think you can take a couple away but then we should look at the proportions across all confederations and ask why Israel play in European qualifiers, why Australia are in the Asian category and why Conmebol gets 40% (could’ve been 50% if Peru beat Aus) of its countries qualifying.

Yea think all your ideas are worth a look tbh. Won’t happen cos money but yea.

I think we all know why. They didn’t always participate in UEFA qualifying btw.

I do think it’s absurd that CAF only had five spots.


A FK shootout does sound a lot better than a penalty version.

It just sounds like a shitter, longer version of a penalty shootout to me.

There might be something in the offside thing although I’d tweak it and say offside no longer applies once the player kicking the ball has passed the 18 yard box line.

As for 2 points…what the fuck? Did he mean goals? Lol

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Kick ins instead of throw ins very mildly interest me, but that’s it. An average suggestion among a load of very crap ones.

Don’t mind the idea of a kick in so long as the ball doesn’t leave the ground when it’s played.

He’s virtually got his wish on the handball one.

The one thing that gets me the most about increased American ownership of football clubs is that it allows for more influence and they don’t seem to have any really good idea. The Super League, making games shorter and all the ideas Lalas has tweeted.

Just seems like they want a sport that Americans will enjoy more


The sin bin isn’t a terrible idea.

But we can barely do VAR correct.

Leave the beautiful game alone you soccer twat.


Bring back the golden goal instead of extra time and penalties no time limits fittest team wins.


With unlimited subs that’s doable in theory.

Only to see Cristiano Ronaldo unable to take the glory penalty and for his leg’s to give way :grinning:

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Golden goal in this years final would of been decided by Messi goal.
Pens is a half win trophy for me. I get the use of them up to the final but not in the final.