How many subscriptions do you have?

  • Netflix
  • NOW Sport
  • NOW Cinema
  • NOW Entertainment
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Prime
  • Disney Plus
  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • Sky Television
  • Sky Sports
  • Sky Cinema
  • BT Sport contract subscription
  • BT Sport Monthly Pass
  • Youtube

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For me:

NOW Sport and Entertainment
NOW Cinema (only got it for a month wont be renewed after May 2021)
Apple TV (got it free for a year through my phone upgrade)
Have BT Monthly Pass (but its not being renewed after May 2021)

Where is the NONE option?


This thread isn’t for you then :wink:

Netflix, D+, Spotify, prime.

No…that would be the “List your subscriptions” thread…This one asks how many you got? :wink:

Have all the streaming ones. Hate fake streams so I’m happy to pay. Also have a Readly subscription for all the magazines. Work pay for that, but if they didn’t, I’d get it anyway because it’s only £7.99 a month, which is really good value if you read more than a couple of mags a month. BBC History magazine on its own is £5 a month.

Where’s the MFC’s option?

Only have 2 subscriptions out of all of them lmao

Not on the list, Audible. Couple of Patreon things too.

Spotify, Netflix, Prime, Disney, Videoland (dutch), YouTube

YouTube Premium is only subscription that I use on hourly basis.
The ability to let video run in background without the need to keep the app open was something I needed for ages.

Being Ad free probably saves months of my life.

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YouTube ironically is the one people think they need the least in their life and then after a month of having it realize it’s literally the most important subscription known to mankind.

They also sent me out a Google nest mini as an Xmas present for being a member which is pretty devastating that corporate overloads give you a better Xmas gift than your loved ones.


Sending out a tweet to YouTube tonight.

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