How is your experience in the Premier League?

Hi, fellow. Sorry for bothering you again. I have to get enough responses to my survey. I am a big fan of the Premier League. I really appreciate the platform because it is a good place where we can share our opinions and fan stories about favorite football teams on it.

I have a plea. Could you help me take the survey about fan experience in the Premier League? It will take you a couple of minutes. Many thanks. The link is here;


I don’t think you mean that. :santi:


what’s the reason?

I’ll be honest, I was a bit lost as to how I should answer this question:

(5) I occasionally watch football match because of busy life, but I really enjoy it.

I watch football more than occasionally and a busy life doesn’t prevent me, but I do really enjoy watching football. Strongly disagree or strongly agree?!

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Favourite player: Son