Hirving Lozano


Arsenal signed him on my FM 2015 save.

That’s all I know.


When he is Hirving a bad game his thread will get a lot of posts.


Could be a Kezman or a Suarez, an Altidore or an Ibra.

Who knows, but paying £40m for any Eredivisie talent is too much imo because we’ve seen before that that league is the most inconsistent in producing talent that actually turns out to be real top-class talent.


He only joined them this summer haha. Too early and won’t happen.


Who the fuck is kezman? Should have been a shitty player as i never heard about him haha.


Mateja Kezman - was supposed to be the next big thing. Smashing goals in Netherlands then came here and just didn’t really cut it.


A supposed WC class player. His shitty attitude let him down.


ESPN FC (not super reliable) floated a rumor that we were interested in Chucky again after his WC performances. Cannot tell you how happy I’d be if we signed him. We need some width, he’s a winger. Ideally he’s the type of player Sven was brought in to identify and sign.


I think he’ll go to La Liga, seems like the perfect league for him


Maybe he’ll end up at Sevilla and ol’ Unai can work his connections. :giroud3:


I want him at Arsenal primarily because his first name is ‘Hirving’ and secondly because he seems decent at football


I dunno why but each time i think of the name Hirving it makes me think of a secondary name for a 1970s car something like the ‘austin healey hirving’