Highbury on Fifa 15/16


Hi everybody, i’m a 3D modeler who has made Highbury for Fifa 15 and 16 for PC. I have a Patreon page where you can choose to be me patron an get access to that classic ground. There’s also a free sample of my work, Plymouth Argyle’s ground Home Park. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to insert mods on Fifa 17 for now. Further details can be found on my Patreon page.

You can check it out Highbury on Fifa by the image below:

And you can get access on my blog at:


Good bye Gooners.


Cool stuff man, I’ve moved your thread to the Play on Football section.


Sorry, i thought that i was on the right session. Thanks, i worked on that for some months to get it done.


Fuck FIFA do it for pes



But good work man


Good work though!



This what man? Did you forgot to write the rest?


He’s replying to my comment. We want it on PES because FIFA is a rip off and scam.


Good work though!

Thanks, i’m working on Elland Road now, very hard stadium but i’ll try to finish ASAP.

Fuck FIFA do it for pes

Well, we’re all have our opinions and tastes about video games or anything else, for me, Fifa is better.


I just updated the first post with my blog’s link. I’ll not be using Patreon anymore, all my content will be released on the blog now. If you want to check out more images of Highbury and additional information, please visit the link on the first post.