Heung min Son

How this guy is still playing for a club like spurs is beyond me. Probably already among the Top 10 players in the world right now. But could’ve been a Ballon d’Or candidate if he played for a better club imo. So disappointing to see him bail those scums out time after time over the years.
Would absolutely love it if we could do a Sol Campbell to bring him here :grin:


He signed that contract, it’s over.

Quality player and probably one of the top three finishers in the league but he should have run the contract down because he’s much better than them, Levy ain’t letting him go.


Man has no ambition, which is very fortunate for Spurs.


Great player is Son.

I actually thought Moura might have a similar, progressive trajectory at Spurs but he hasn’t.


Not sure if it might be a little bit more cultural with Asian players to not seek moves as much as other nationalities.
He shouldn’t be there though whatever the reason.


Didn’t Spurs give him a contract despite a very strong chance of him having to go off and do 2 years of military service?

Pretty sure he feels a very strong debt to Spurs for that reason.


You could be right there, Strolls - there is that humility aspect. He may just be content to be a big fish in a small pond, though.


I am an Asian myself and from my pov it’s quite easy to understand why Son hasn’t seeked a move elsewhere.

First of all, it’s not that the guy has no ambition. He did move from Korea to Hamburg then Leverkusen then Spurs. But he will never agitate a move against the will of his bosses. This is especially true with Koreans whose respect/obedience to their seniors is an important part of their culture.

Then you have the part where Spurs allowed him to go to the Asian games (they didn’t have to), where he got his gold medal and earned his exemption from military service. Otherwise he’d be in the military right now and his career would be practically over. He probably feels in debt to them.

There you can add 2 and 2 together and see why Son has been so loyal to Spurs. Pretty sure their fans love him a lot as well so it makes the decision even easier.

I’d also add that if he tried to run the contract down, he’d probably face huge backlash from Spurs fan and from his home country media/netizens (the latter could be very toxic) for being an ungrateful brat.


Wish we signed him from Leverkusen and he had that sort of dedication towards us.

Top quality player.

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One thing I noticed when watching that Spurs docu on Amazon was every time it showed the players together in the canteen or wherever they were chatting he was always smiling and loving life.

The reality is he’s probably just really content where he is right now so I guess when you combine that with everything you said it’s hard to blame him for wanting to stay. Sometimes being happy in your work and life is more important than chasing endless ambition. People measure success in many different ways.


He’s in the Zaha zone. Too good for the team he plays for and to expensive for anyone to buy.

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To be fair to Son, he has stuck with spurs at the expense of winning the trophies he deserves.

A player of his level of quality should be at a top European club and be on massive wages.
He is at a club challenging for top four and on the same wages as some mid table level level players like Lacazette and Pepe.

He is consistently one of the best players in the PL and deserves more, so if running his contract down gets him the move he deserves, then do it.

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Keep it real if they didn’t allow him to go to the Asian games and his career effectively ended would that be good for them? Let’s not act like it was such an altruistic act by Tottenham, yes they did have to let him go and it was in their best interest to do everything in their power to help him avoid that military service.

If he is truly happy there and all that jazz then fair enough but talk of facing backlash by Spurs and his country for being an ungrateful brat is a joke because it goes both ways , he has been there a long time, been one of their very best players and loyal with practically no controversy.

Nothing ungrateful about wanting to move on from a dead project that you’ve given your all for and if he’s truly felt his country would turn on him because of it that’s no good thing.

Would they give a shit if he moved to Real or Barca?