Henrikh Mkhitaryan (signed, so closed)


Your optimism is genuinely endearing at times :slight_smile:


I know it’s not fashionable to have anything positive to say about Wenger but I do think he’s exactly the kind of manager who could get the best out of Mkhitaryan again.

Now I await someone reading that as me saying I think Wenger is brilliant and should stay forever or something.


You just know that’s gonna happen on OA. Keywords: Positive. Wenger. Best. Manager. Brilliant. Stay.


I knew deep down you love Wenger & want him to stay & be prosperous.
Love ya Lep.


Gutted :pensive:


Who was it, Malcom?

Edit: lol @Bl1nk you really can’t help yourself

edit 2:

wrap this up soon ffs


Get him in. He was never going to flourish under Maureen.


Welcome to Arsenal, Mickey!


You know what to do @Bl1nk


Oh hell yeah


No money involved?
What a rip off!




Are you not meant to close this :wink: then make a new thread to keep the transfer rumour nonsense out his player thread haha

Henrikh Mkhitaryan (7)

Player swap deals “never happen” though


Ahhh shit


Oh well, time to watch his videos.


Where is the new thread?


Finally it’s done. Fucking glad the saga is over and Sanchez has pissed off. Not entirely convinced about this guy but he certainly has a reputation.



Haha i’m not a robot. Give me time to do it :grinning: