Henrikh Mkhitaryan (7)


Nothing will ease that pain, Until old man Wenger is gone.

He be played out of position by the hack, and his confidence be shot If he thought Jose was bad he hasn’t met Wenger. He be side passing it like the rest of them. The Term Wengered comes to mind.

Anyway, good luck to him. Don’t rate him as much as others but hope it comes good for him. He really needs to hit the ground running though. We already have to many passengers in the team already.


I’m no expert on enthrallment but he certainly looks sufficiently enthralled to me




They deleted the video from the Arsenal youtube :joy::rofl:


Stuart corrects so much fake news


Armenian, english, german, portuguese, russian and ukrainian, right?


I think he can be sweet for us! :sunglasses:


Wonder if his squad number will be announce after we sign Auba :thinking:


:o oh your god, you’re right, why does he not have a number yet? why is he only holding the shirt front facing? don’t players almost always just get the number immediately?


Maybe he is waiting to see if Jeff will give up the number 22 – that is the number he has worn through most of his career.

Also, I’m pretty sure a shirt number can’t be worn by more than one player in European competitions in a single season. So if he took 7 or 14, he’d need another number in the EL.


Uefa fighting the issues that matter!


my buddy pointed out that perhaps it is that he is not registered. Anyway, I looked over the available numbers, so Debbie has 2 and Mert has 4 and neither of them really do anything anymore so they should be vacated soon, besides that we have no 1 (I guess as Cech chose 33), no 3, no 5 and no 7.

Isn’t that a bit weird for a club to not really have anyone playing with 1 through 7 lol


Can he play against Cheatski tomorrow?




Fuck me! My mind is elsewhere :roll_eyes:


On the Arsenal Direct website…

Oh and officially announced


Good enough for me!

Does that mean no Auba? :santi:


Haha mega quick with adding his number to the title


They should have put the 7 instead of the T. Don’t they teach 1337 speak at Arsenal.