Henrikh Mkhitaryan (7)



Oh shit, he’s Robbie Keaned that.


So are we going to say his scorpion kick goal is better or Giroud’s now?


We made the most out of a poor situation here. He’s a baller. Touch, passing, burst, shooting technique; he’s got the lot technically. We only need him to play within himself. No need to try and replicate/overcompensate Sanchez in any way.


No shirt number yet?


so why did you go to Manu then when we were trying to sign you?


Only if Giroud joins Dortmund.


No, not even then :angry:


Seems to be a problem with emoticons on here :thinking: not Seeing them all @Craigie


The main site is down again for me maybe that’s why



Unlucky Dialsquare


Swansea away for his debut?

FL reshuffle soon after Aubz gets announced :ramsey:


LOL Arsenal horse


Hope this works out and he can rediscover his Dortmund form, and the last 18 months was just down to playing under Jose, if it does it will ease a lot of the pain of losing one of the top 5 players in the League to Man United again.


Already better than that guy who just left.


@Bl1nk since you like posting the horses tweets :wink:

Love him already. Oh Mkhi your so fine :sunglasses:


Some people conduct their interviews in English I see. Cough Sanchez cough.

Mkhi can speak 7 languages!!


Great video! :slight_smile:


Alexis changed his bio already! What’s he waiting for?!?! C’mon Mhki!!