Henrikh Mkhitaryan (7)


That’s true but that’s what happens when you leave all your transfer business right until the end of the window.

I’m sure Wenger would have liked Lemar but when it was clear he didn’t want to move he should have had someone else lined up.


Should be announced tomorrow then, with Auba to follow within the week. So excited about this :hugs:


He isn’t the most famous Armenian, still behind Kim Kardashian


Well technically that whore is ‘infamous’ rather than famous.


No. She’s actually just really famous. And why do you have to refer to her as a whore when she really isn’t one…


She is a whore.




Gosh I just wanted to call her names.
I don’t have to be technically precise in my name calling.
Make peace with it.


It probably comes down to who is better with all kinds of balls, Mkhi or Kim. :slight_smile:


Cmon, pal. You’re better than that.


I have my own reservations about why you said it anyway. But I’ll leave you to it.


Predictions on his shirt number?



Jack gets #4 in the summer which means Özil gets his #10 :wink:


7 obviously :wink:


The vacated #15

The #7 will be kept for Auba


Auba could have 14? Who wouldn’t want Henry’s shirt?!

Mkhitaryan is 22 at Man United but The Jeff has that here.


#14 is a good shout.


Going by body structure I associate with number 14 after watching Henry & Theo sport it, I want it to be given to Lacazette.
Aubameyang is bit tall & skinny for the number.

No logic behind it.


Henry 6’2
Aubameyang 6’2

Lacazette 5’9

Trion logic :joy:


Come on now. You know what i meant.

That said, Henry is 6’2?