Henrikh Mkhitaryan (7)


Was good I thought. He’s actually quite a decent presser, that situation he created for Lacazette (or Rojos) goal was not unlike some of the chances Ive seen him create for us this season so far.

He’s so frustrating because I think he could be effective for an Emery team if he actually performed more often.


Just gotta keep giving him chances, hoping one day he’ll gather some momentum.


Quality header for his first goal today. He probably hasn’t lived up to expections some had hoped to a degree, but I also think people are often too quick to write him off and he does have his moments of usefulness.


Dis fool. :joy:
If he keeps us from losing though then by all means, you are earning your starts.


Props, he’s had a good game and been up for it from the off.

Still need to get rid but at least he’s producing.


7 out of 10. Attitude good and still is one of our more likely players to score from midfield.


Probably his best game since the 2-1 loss at Old Trafford last season


For whatever he lacks he at least is up for it, unlike another magician midfielder amidst our lads.


Out for six weeks!


Not great news given depth issues, but I’d definitely rather see any of Ozil, Ramsey, or Iwobi instead of him anyway… with Kola bombing on the left, puts a tad less pressure on a left-sided attacking player, so maybe stick Ozil or Iwobi out there and let him drift inside - put Ramsey out right…

We are thin as f*ck though at wide attack (or striker if you stick Auba/Laca out wide) and defense.


Forces Özil, Ramsey or even Saka at a length to play instead. Not too concerned with that as he’s been relatively poor this season anyway.


Agreed, but we are incredibly thin… I reckon Saka is a year or two away from getting any first team minutes.


Ah, I was wondering why Emery had suddenly forgiven Özil :speak_no_evil:


That injury will be longer than 6 weeks until we see him also.


Hes a big loss at this time as ironically hes usually good injury wise.


Shite forsythe is doing a ghastly job atm


How is it his fault some twat crunched down on his foot In a shit challenge and broke his foot


Drink some more milk !


Yeah he’s broken a frickin bone in his foot, how the hell is that a 6 week injury. I was off the gym for almost that with a knee sprain

3 month minimum.


Didn’t Van Persie once used some horse placenta and speed up his recovery time?

I mean he was Mr. Glass.