Henrikh Mkhitaryan (7)


Scored the goal and got the assist but I finally understood why Mourinho didn’t like him. He’s pretty irresponsible as a winger(which is his position). Did it against City with both AMN and Hector and against Chelsea with Hector again. He simply doesn’t help out enough and likes to cut in too much to the point that the full back is always 2 on 1. Pretty shocked as this guy worked under both Klopp and Jose in some of the biggest clubs in the wolrd. Needs to improve or be used in the midfield trio.


Lol at Mkhi liking it


Lol surely this isn’t allowed?!


Trump did it.


UEFA should really do something about it. If he isn’t eligible to play against Qarabag give us the three points


I mean, one group game might not harm us, but the final is also in Baku!


We can do it without Mkhi. Why risk it?


It’s not a question of whether we can do without him tbh (which you’d have to think we can), the point is that no side should be disadvantaged because of diplomatic concerns.


What happened to keeping politics out of sports?


True enough, Jakey. But if you’re in personal danger from some disturbed individual(s), then let conscience be the better part of valour.




The whole notion of keeping politics out of sport has always been an unattainable myth.

And in my opinion quite rightly. Everything is political.


Play him at centre forward in the home game and base our entire game plan on getting him a double hat trick.


As long as we can play him in the final its all good.



(You’re absolutely right)


Henrikh Mkhitaryan
Right ankle from FC Vorskla match last Thursday. Continuing to be assessed ahead of Wednesday’s match with Brentford.

Back soon.


Don’t risk him for tomorrow game. We can do without him.


This guy is really meh. He’s got some powerful driven shots/cross with both legs but I don’t see anything else special. Really got nothing from that Alexis swap deal other than getting the Alexis nuisance out of the team.


made the second goal tho. thinks he is way more useful than Alexis lel


Tbf, that was really a team goal but most of all, it was a Brentford not turning up goal. :joy:
I was actually expecting a challenge from them.