Henrikh Mkhitaryan (7)


I haven’t really watched him that many times since his arrival but from what I’ve seen I’m not really ready to put him in that company yet, especially Pires’. I’d be glad to hear arguments to the contrary, especially any statistical ones.


Agree with this - Pires was insanely good when he was healthy… so tricky and did more with this physical tools than anyone I can remember since Cruyff.


Being worthy of the mantle and being as good as those before him are two different things. Mkhitaryan has the pedigree and ability to wear the shirt most definitely. It’s almost unfair to compare to Pires.


Nobody compares to Pires


Photographic memory you mate.


AC was drunk when he wrote this


You guys reckon Henrikh will be a vital player for us this season?


Yep him and Mesut gonna be unreal together imo. Got both in my fpl team haha


Jury is still out in my opinion, still got a nagging feeling that he could be a bit of a poor signing for us.

I’m very much hopeful that he’ll reproduce his Dortmund form but I’m not confident.


Think he’s been fucking brilliant since he joined. Honestly don’t get the lack of hype around him. Provider, goalscorer, intelligent, versatile. It’s like having pre-injuries Rosicky back in a way.

We suit his game and he suits our game really well. Even his defensive work has been a lot better than I thought. Just a different animal to his Man United experience.

Having Özil, Mkhitaryan, Aubameyang and Lacazette on the same pitch together got us looking really dangerous in the back end of last season.


Interesting to see if Unai can make Mkhi, Oz, Rambo, Auba and Laca play together.



Bellerin - ??? - ??? - Kolasinac


Ozil - Ramsey - Mkhi

Laca - Auba


More likely with Ramsey and Mkhi in the middle along with Lucas.


I think we’d be getting overrun in midfield with that side. Drop Laca for a wide creative type.


Read that as a group of lads ready to jam in a garage.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Lol yeah! Could be a great hip-hop band :mkhi:



Or in other words; Jose is a bellend.


It was evident from the first appearance that he’s happier here.


With a new manager, as well as Mkhitayran and Aubameyang, I think a lot of players are happier here than at the start of last season, where we had several players discontented, as well as too much dross and a clueless manager.

This season we actually have a proper striker, since RVP left, and players like Mkhitayran with something to prove, with a manager who can get us playing at the level we should be, which is above spurs.

When Mkhitayran and Aubameyang played together at Dortmund they were very successful and, as long as we can keep them happy which they seem to be, there’s no reason they can’t repeat that success with us.

I think he’ll have a great season here.