Henrikh Mkhitaryan (7)




Finally Wenger has figured out how injuries work under his watch, look forward to the boost Mkhi will give our Europa League places chase next April. Get well soon Henri, we’re gonna need you to catch Bournemouth!


Two weeks sounds fine!


sounds not bad but not great either.

May make it back in time for EL semis but probs not until the EL final if we make it that far.


The only team we need him for in the Europa League is Atletico. If he would make a difference against them anyway :smile:.


The one positive from this is that we get to see more of Comedy Welbeck, who I reckon will go on a goalscoring run between now and the end of the season :sunglasses:


If we reached the Europa League final he should be ready.


2 weeks is wildly optimistic for knee ligaments, probably more likely to be 4-6 weeks.





Two words. THANK FUCK!


Svengali pulling some red god shit here.


Told yaaaaaaa.



Err this past weekend he said he would be out for two weeks, and it’s still two weeks now? Nothing magic about that.

Europa League semi is in two weeks, so really we want him back in training in a week/week and a half


I hope this isn’t classic Arsenal, pushing him out too early and compounding the problem.




Yes! He is massive for us with his direct play.


Need this guy back next thursday.


Yep, whatever small chance Arsenal has of going through requires a goal. Team has missed his direct runs and touch in the final third.

Really cruel for him to get injured when he did.