Henrikh Mkhitaryan (7)


Alexis who!?


Great numbers for us already


It’s the mark of a quality player when you have a so so game and you’re still very decisive.


He’s been good, even good defensively. A sloppy pass here and there but good, work rate as well.


Think his time with Mourinho helped with his defensive work rate, really appreciate that hustle he has to win the ball back.


Looked strong today - good defensive work rate too !! Fck Sanchez !!


I think he’s always been a hard worker, you don’t play consistently at Dortmund particularly under Klopp unless you work your socks off every game.

But as you say Jose would’ve kept that defensive work ethic sharp.


Looks like an absolutely brilliant addition.


I’m not playing Devil’s Advocate, but I want to give my honest opinion.

He looks lazy, almost a little bit unfit, a bit “flicky” and clearly not strong enough in the tackle (easily brushed off the ball).

We already have Ozil who we’re prepared to make admissions for when he has a poor and lazy game. I genuinely don’t think we can afford another one of those players, particularly because he can’t offer as much as Ozil when Mesut is on song.


His pass for that Aubameyang goal. Love that kind of stuff. Not the first time either.


Yeah I also like how he set it up - bursting through the middle and allowing Auba to time his run into the box. The pass was great, but it was the full flow that I loved.


They know each other very well from their Dortmund days. They already know how to play together :smile:


Love his direct runs at the defense to open up lanes. We’ll be seeing many more from 7 to 14.


What a ball.


What an achievement. He narrowly beat Kim Kardashian.



Who the fuck beat him to it 8 years ago?


this guy :point_down:


Can’t believe I forgot this legend



Only one vowel in there.


Speaking exclusively in the May 2018 issue of FourFourTwo magazine, Mkhitaryan says: “When I heard I could swap Man United for Arsenal, I said, ‘Yes, I want to do that’, I didn’t think twice. It’s important for me to play in an offensive team. I’d missed playing offensively."