Henrikh Mkhitaryan (7)


Yeah, Mourinho too defensive to manage an offensive player.


That shirt in first pic without huge ass fly Emirates logo, looks so pretty.
Tempted to find it and purchase it.


It’s the home warmup jacket





Offensive players have struggled under him this is true, but players such as Ozil, Hazard & Robben have managed to thrive.


Testament to their ability that they could flourish under Mourinho, more than Mourinho’s ability to bring the best out of attacking midfielders.

Mourinho is kind of manager who sells twice club player of the season to United because ‘Oscar contributes more defensively’.


Yeah for the first couple of seasons then by the third one he got sick of him and stopped playing to get him sacked :joy:


That’s more of a personality issue though because Jose is a cockhead, he proved he could thrive in his system by being player of the season in a team that won the title easily.


I demand this is recreated on Saturday!! :heart_eyes:



Ted is a bit of a Captain Obvious, isn’t he?


What fucking nutter has suggested playing Mkhi and Jack in a midfield two? :joy:


Our manager


Where was this?


Wow! Didn’t know it! :hipster:


It was an Arsenal interview when he was asked where he would play Miki


So he didn’t say anything about Mkhi and Jack playing in a midfield two then…


Who else would it be if we’re sticking with the 4-3-3?


wtf lol


That would mean Mkhi and Wilshere alongside another player though no?