Henrikh Mkhitaryan (7)


I don’t know what the opposite phrase to “you get an A for effort” is but it really would apply here :joy:


What’s wrong with it?

Really good picture imo


Its more the sentiment than the picture I’m taking a pop at. :slight_smile:


obviously won’t be as good as Sanchez was for us (especially last season) but I reckon he will do well for us, could be a good signing

We made the best out of a bad situation in losing our best player that obviously didn’t want to be at Arsenal anymore, who had 6 months left on his contract, rather then losing him for free we got a decent player in return (not world class though)



Omg this has to happen :grin:


that would be worse then the Jesse Lingard/ Dele Ali / Son Heung Min handshake celebrations


Nah if they do it it’s cool :sunglasses:


Nothing is worse than Jesse Lingard.


Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is concerned that Henrikh Mkhitaryan may have suffered a hit to his confidence after a largely-disappointing stint at Man Utd.

“Yes, of course you worry about how much it has affected him,” he said.

“But as well but it’s a new chance for him, what you want in life is a new chance and I’m sure with his quality that he will take it. I met him at the time (he moved to United), at the time we were close but in the end it didn’t work.”


He was very good last season, tbh. It’s Mourinho who has ruined it this season.


In the Europa yeah, otherwise nah


Called it


Mikhtaryan in a 3 with Wilshere or Ramsey (whichever isn’t injured) and presumably Xhaka


Sweet of him. Just like with Silvestre and Welbeck.


Mikhtaryan Elneny WIlshere

Ozil Auba


Something like this?


On a whole, this is one of most meh response to a signing I have seen over the years.


Are you talking to me?



That can’t be real haha