Harry Kane

CL only thing they’ve got left to play for now though, will be resting players either side of our games and fully focused on the QF.

Yep. With the sort of money involved in buying a top player like Kane these days, a player’s options can be very limited. No Italian club could afford him these days, Madrid and Barca weren’t interested, City have Haaland, and so on.

Bayern were really his only option, even if it was a less than ideal time to join them. And if it’s that or staying at Spurs, no brainer.

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Meh it’s Bayern.

Even the biggest dog has an off day, they’ll be back firing on all cylinders next season no doubt.

It’s just amazing for all the memes and the banter. Leverkusen will likely not be able to sustain this so Kane will get his trophy next season.


Southgate? :henry2:

So Harry Kane leaves Spurs to finally win an almost guaranteed league title with Bayern Munich…only for Bayer Leverkusen to upstage them and secure the title before the end of March…this is after Bayern won the last 11 league titles in a row…could only happen to a Spurs player (legend)…


Knicks fans have been saying this for the past 30ish years. Sometimes big clubs get knocked down and stay down. It’s definitely unlikely given Bayern’s built in advantages but there’s definitely no guarantee.

Who are they targeting for coach? Alonso turned them down. They already had Naglesmann, does Hansi Flick come back? Target someone like Marco Rose who is another RB coaching product? Davies is leaving to Madrid, probably. Their core is old, they invested big money in Kane and their defense is so bad that Eric Dier is now a starter.

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He’ll end up winning some random trophy with Bayern but this is still really funny. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.


I’m not going to even going to consider laughing at Harry Kane until it is safe. We have to face him on Wednesday.


With our luck he will put 2 passed us, I hope not but…

This absolute mouth breathing turd should not be on the damn pitch against us after that calculated assault.


He’s managed something even more impressive than preventing Bayern from winning the league - he managed to prevent Coman from winning the league.

An insane feat only a loser of generational proportions could achieve.

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I need that image of him holding a cannon.

I still like this one.


Fuck this cunt