Harry Kane


I don’t he is stupid, anyone and their dog could see that Spuds was going nowhere anywhere soon if he wanted trophies before the end of his career he had so many opportunities to leave. I am sure if he left even 3 years ago he would have a good haul by now.

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I thought the moment he left Spuds, the hate should be somewhere gone and disappeared, but seems like it was not :thinking:

not about hate really, its just as i say (i suppose it is good that he was loyal not many like that nowadays) but he was stupid to leave it so late in his career to move to a place where he could likely to win something.

I won’t call it “stupid” if he tried to be loyal as long as he could.

Probably wrong decision but it wasn’t really his fault.

i suppose it isnt gonna make much difference anyway he has enough time to win something with Bayern even if he fails this season Bayern will win something quite soon because they have very little competition.

Yeah, I don’t really have any doubts he will win a trophy at some point while he’s there. The gap is only 5 points, so it’s not a foregone conclusion that Bayern overhaul Leverkusen this season anyway.

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Just find it fucking hilarious if they blow all comps his first season there.

Don’t really give a shit that he’ll end up winning a trophy but equally couldn’t care less if he never does :sweat_smile:



Kane is getting cooked.

Kane is definitely not the reason for their “woes” lol guy has almost 40 G/A with most of those being goals. He is doing his job.


Upamecano being at Bayern for 3 seasons now is funny. Has so many mistakes in him.


As many have said, he’ll probably win something with Bayern but oh man is it absolutely hilarious that the season he moves there, they have a complete football terrorist for a coach and may finish the season empty handed.


He did his job at Spurs and what that got them?

What’s your point exactly? Lol

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What a loser, staying loyal to spurs for so long.
We’ve lost plenty of players that have moved on to bigger clubs to get success and although we criticised them, they did the right thing for their career.
Rice was a big fish in a small pond at West Ham but left because he was ambitious so Kane must be looking at him and wonder why he stayed at spurs for so long with no trophies and less wages.

Point is that maybe very prolific striker is sometimes a problem and you need excellent manager to make it work for the team’s benefit.So in a way he is a problem…

Nah, he isn’t the problem. He’s doing his bit. Anything else is another issue.

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That is my point football is team sport and him doing his bit hurts team and results are not quite good.
At spurs he was doing his job and that helped average team become better but never good enough to win something.



If a guy has over 30 G/A in just over half a season, you find a way to get other players performing. And it’s not like Kane doesn’t play his part in buildup play anyway.

Have you been regularly watching Bayern and genuinely believe Kane is the issue for them?