Happy St Georges day

Come on then have a pop you lefty

. xxxxx

Romania, Portugal, Georgia ,Catalonia Aragon Malta and Gozo.

And Happy birthday and death day to the Bard …

Happy St Georges Day!

Or in Catalonia they say, Feliz Dia Del Libro!

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I might have done but I’ve already made myself look like a cunt once today.

haha what the fuck is this beef between SLAG and Jakey?

Was it because of that offhand UKIP comment? :joy:

Yeah, but wouldn’t go as far as to call it beef haha. The above isn’t some sort of continuation though, it’s me poking fun at myself, and a reference to the picture SLAG posted in the OP :grin:


Happy St. George’s Day. :+1:

What do people do on Georges day? Drink lots of tea or something?

thats just a normal day. Tea is life.

I have to admit, I had to look up “St. George”, as I really didn’t know him.
Apparently, he was a Greek guy who may or may not have existed, did or did not serve as a mercenary in the Roman army since he wasn’t able to get a proper job, may or may not have fought a “dragon”, and got himself killed (or not) for blatant insubordination.
Interesting choice of “saint”. :grinning:

and i suppose any german patron saints are better. :smile:


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St Boniface is from England

Tea and cream cakes you fcks !? Happy St Georges Day to you all !!

Fuck St George, nothing to do with England…St Alban is da guy

He won a poll on the BBC… Id go for St Edmund who was the patron before St George was adopyed by the French spealing royals… Edward III

I believe St George became popular in the late Middle Ages, in the same manner as the English aristocracy co-opted the legend of King Arthur. No doubt someone wrote a book about him and he became fashionable, and before long we were beating up the French in his name. As a German I’m sure you appreciate that :wink: