Happy New Year


Here’s hoping 2017 is far better than 2016! It’s been a good final day of the year so far. We may not have made it to the Netherlands this year to celebrate with all the family, but my in-laws are here and I’ve been listening to Top 2000 and made my first batch of oliebollen!

So delicious! Lekker!!!

2017 is looking good so far, we complete on our flat in January and I’m pregnant with my first, a little boy due in May! Here’s hoping that 2017 is unkind to those teams above us and Arsenal can get their act together for the remainder of the season. I’ll take the PL or CL- just something please!

Hope everyone has a fantastic evening and very happy new year!


Happy New Year to all . Ive resolved not to be a complete cunt next year . Thats a big ask !


Happy New Year everyone.

New Year, same me, because i’m already fabulous :grinning:


Happy New Year everyone! And congratulations @k1tsun3 ! Well chuffed for you :smiley:


Its all fun and games until you are the host…


Congratulations on the coming child. :slight_smile:


This could be the first time in four years that I wake up on NYD feeling fresh as don’t think I’m going out tonight :disappointed:

Also annoyed Sky moved our game to NYD as I can’t watch it now lol.


That might be a blessing in disguise!

Also, jump on a train - you can come to my party :grin:


Happy New Year everyone!


Happy New Year!

Gefeliciteerd @k1tsun3. Ik zit inmiddels ook aan de oliebollen. Hoort op een dag als deze :D. Top 2000 ook aan natuurlijk.



I’ll miss people telling 2016 to fuck off. :slight_smile:


Don’t worry, when anything half decent happens in 2017, it’ll be “fuck you 2016”


Happy New Year! :beers:


Happy New Year everyone!

Hopefully 2017 brings you all success and joy :fireworks::fireworks::fireworks:


Happy new year everyone

Hopefully it’s a good year to be a gunner


Transfer windows open. Well for some anyway. Over to you Roman.
Fuck 2017


:joy::joy: What a cunt.


Haha someone’s been waiting twoand a half years to pull that one out. :joy:


Can you write that in English?

Or am I missing the joke?