Let’s face it, it’s a bit doom and gloom around Arsenal right now, so let’s lighten things up. Not sure a remake of this thread will ever quite live up to the brilliant old one, but nonetheless, always good to have a thread on the greatest Dino in history, especially during the difficult times right now at Arsenal.

Also you may remember a few years back, the person who was behind the creation of Gunnersaurus, ended up with him being at his Wedding :poldi:

Let’s see some more images or videos :gunnersaurus:


Picture two ruins it tbh.


Yeah, I can’t believe Flamini came back to the club that season.


Oh i dont know two dinosaurs for the price of one. End of the bantz era and start of our jurassic period.

Always think of @Trion when I see Gunnersaurus.


Ruin an adorable character for the masses.
Mission Accomplished.


I think he would benefit from a loan period away. Timbuktu is looking good to me !


We’ve had a tough old year, but we can always rely on this beast to bring us up from the blues :gunnersaurus:

I don’t care if this is a random pointless bump, I bloody love this dinosaur, this thread is criminally unused!


I wonder if there’s a height restriction for getting the job of Gunnersaurus :thinking:


I wonder if it’s always been the same person in the suit? and also what year did we sign him?


Sometimes it’s been more than one person in the suit


I always wondered what @Persona and @Calum got up to on weekends…






wonder who is more prehistoric this guy or wenger?





At least the canons facing the right way. Very noble.


:arteta: :gunnersaurus:


“Where Legends Are Made”

Fuck off, Gunnersaurus has been a legend for millenia.


If you can play as Gunnersaurus I am buying PES.