Gunners Fans Opinions on Project Restart

I’m currently writing my Master’s Dissertation on the Premier League’s Project Restart. It would be really appreciated if any fellow Gunners fans could fill out my survey. Will only take 10 minutes. Thanks!

Link here -

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@DavidHillier and @Leper

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Actually, I shouldn’t fuck up my guy’s research

@Aussiegooner @Calum

That should balance things out


Done @JakeyBoy :heart_eyes:.

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So aren’t we glad Project Restart happened?
Liverpool fans are annoyance but Watford is now down.

Posters who were against the restart, what is your stance now?
How do our dutch posters feel about their Prime Minister’s decision now.

who was going down before the restart?

Still indifferent to it tbh. Just about had validation to finish this season.
Prospect of a full season of this is bad though. It’s a pale imitation of the game.
Really from now on in everything is * football.

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We have to adjust. it just won’t be the same for a year or two.

Reminds me of when you look at war time football records, nobody mentions them. From next week on you’ll have the * at the end of everything.
It’s secondary to the real thing. Better than nothing but that’s it.

Brilliant job by the premier league to get the league completed, pretty much without a glitch also.


also september for the new season is a nice little break with it also not being that far into a normal season, well done to them

I’ve really enjoyed the past month and a bit. Nice novelty having PL football near enough every day in the middle of the summer.

Hope we can go back to some sort of normality now.

How are they going to finish 20/21 in time for the Euro’s starting tho haha. Usually its August - May then June start for the WC/Euros

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@Trion a survey on this is on BBC sport website if your interested.

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Couldn’t find it

I liked having every game televised, I’d like to see that continue.

I think that was a summer novelty. From what I’ve been reading its going back to what it was pre pandemic sadly :disappointed:

Yeah I read that too. Seems really weird if the stadiums are still going to be empty.

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This will be interesting going forward next season.
Football down the pub is a lot harder now. A recession will see subscriptions to sky and bt dropped on outgoings.

Tbh I’ve never been a fan of watching arsenal games in a pub. I have to watch it in my house on a steam or buy it on the tv.

I can only watch netrual games as I’m not into it as much so don’t care if I can’t see it perfectly or hear any of it