Guess the player?


Mike Dean


Ashley Cole would have been my answer save unfortunately for Ramsey and I guess Giggs lol.

Then I thought I nailed it with Tom Cleverly but there’s no Salah connection.


It has to be Micah Richards. I think I’ve nailed it.

He’d have played with Salah at Fiorentina, Ramsey & Giggs in the GB Olympic squad, Vieira at City and the rest of them as an England international.


GB Olympics. You’re having a laugh.


Damn SRCJJ well done. @Midfield_Maestro is it correct? Where can we find the actual answer


Admittedly I owe it to the fact I remembered that GB had an Olympic team in 2012 and it had a few Welsh players in it… so the moment I saw Richards I knew it had to be him because of the Fiorentina link.


That’s got to be the answer. Only one that makes sense. Good shout @SRCJJ


And Sol Campbell?


Must have been during an England international too


Sol played his last England game in 2007 and Richards made his debut in 2006 so I’m sure they’ve shared the pitch before.

Just checked they played in the famous Croatia loss in 2007.


This is fucking bullshit, I’m deleting the last twelve posts in this thread.

Fucking anarchy up in this bitch, motherfuckers need to respect the rules


Ibrahim Toure

Does that mean it’s my go?


It does. Strongly suspect you cheated to move things along but whatever :joy:


Can’t believe you’d question my integrity like that. How can anyone fail to see the resemblance of his older brothers Kolo and Yaya?!

Also unfair to pick a footballer more famous for his brothers and tragic, untimely death than his career :kissing_heart:



Some Danish player


Lazy guess


A lazy guess but a correct one.

Allan Simonsen, Charlton Athletic legend




Charlton are my local club and one I’m very fond of, once read an article about how utterly surreal it was that the pulled that transfer off way back when.

Totally unlucky on your part, I rate that one.