Guess the player?

Let’s play a game, shall we?

Three simple rules.

1. Post a picture of a player, the others have to guess who he is. The player can be visible in full, or only parts of him but it should be possible to recognize him without hints. Make sure you upload the picture or that the link doesn’t give away who he is.

2. Whoever guesses right first, posts next.

3. The person who last posted has to confirm that you guessed correct before you can post your picture.

Please, once you post, make sure to follow the thread and confirm who the first person to guess correctly is, so that the game can go on smoothly.

I’ll start with an easy one. Who is this ?%$#

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Haww :frowning:

Are you fucking serious :smile:?

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Hey don’t discourage my players!

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I’m not trying too, but if Trion was serious something is really wrong with him :rofl:.

You don’t know the answer?

I thought you’d know the answer.


I know the answer. But this one is a bit to easy. That is why I’m not saying it (and I can’t post a picture lol).

It’s Wijnaldum.


No but don’t let failure put you off :slight_smile:

Thought so. Come on, go find a good picture and relieve us of our misery.



But you didn’t follow the rules.


Dog Nonce

(Alexis Sanchez)

My bad dude.

I read the rules after I posted :rofl:

It’s just more orderly.

Come on now, tell @Persona if that is indeed dog nonce so he can unleash upon us another mystery.

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It’s the creepy dog whisperer with no friends.

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Who the fuck is this Olie G lookalike.


What the feck is Karl Pilkington doing in a kit.


Amaury Bischoff?