Great Sports Moments

One of the best sports stories I watched.

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Ignore the measurements in feet. You know Muricans



Tennis effectively peaked this day.

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Not a huge golf guy but this shot gives you goosebumps. The ball stopping for a second to show the Nike logo before it drops almost looks scripted, it’s too perfect

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Apparently I was allowed stay up to watch this when it happened :slight_smile:

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VAR would be jealous of this

Euro 2000 one of the all time great torunaments. Every side had class players.

103rd Minute winner from Trezeguet. Look who got the assist :wenger2:


One of the greatest wins in boxing history. Buster completely schooled Tyson technically with his lateral movement, half steps, jab, coutner punching and uppercuts inside. It really annoys me how the Tyson excuse brigage get out denigrading this performance.

Buster could of been a great champion, but got really fat and didn’t train for Holyfield once he got his huge payday. He never liked boxing and it was only his Dad’s dream for him to be a boxing champion. Then got so fat he went into a diabetic coma.

Funny fact, Mike Tyson, mocked his sparring partner Oliver McCall for losing to Buster Douglas on points. Oliver McCall also sent Tyson to hospital a few times after their sparring sessions.

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I’ve got some news for you about us Brits…

They should bring back golden goal. Is there anything greater than the last kick being the winner?

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It being ruled out by VAR


Aren’t you guys moody? Some time you are imperial and sometimes you decide to be intelligent.

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You’ve got to be intelligent to work out 16 ounces in a pound, 14 pound in a stone, 8 stone in a hundred weight and then 12 inches in a foot, 3 feet in a yard, 1760 feet in a mile.

Trying to do liquid measurements is off the scale complicated. :grinning:

Compared to that, metric is easy.


Yeah, it’s a bit of a mixture here. Lots (all?) products have both imperial and metric measurements on the packaging.

But we use imperial measurements quite a lot. People buy a pint of milk, nobody talks about buying 568ml of milk. You get pints of beer in a pub. Our speed limit is in miles per hour. People talk about how tall they are in feet and inches. Most people measure their weight in stones and pounds.

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Yeah you “gora log” left this shit in India as well.

Haha, I know gora, what’s log?


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