Granit Xhaka

Granit Kroos

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He gets one of those a season, he’s used it early this year :grinning:

Why has he become so cool?

I was never a fan, but he came good and everyone loves a redemption story.


He has an X in his name. That’s badass. And he’s handsome and he sometimes has temper problems, what’s not to like.


After the Xhaka goal I was expecting the commentator to say “he’s got a foot like a traction engine.”

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Surely he has one of hardest/strongest strikes in the league in the past 10 years or so. I can hardly name someone stronger than him in that department. Poldi is a good shout too.

Doesn’t even try hard and bangs it from 30+ yards… Shame he wasn’t getting into shooting positions more often.

Ramsey got a few as well, this was a great goal.

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Not quite sure what he means by “chaos”

He was creating most of the chaos, the dickhead.

here we go, give a few months away from the club and the gum flapping slowly starts. You know what we will be hearing next ‘the fans here are far better than the ones at arsenal they are calm and pleasant but at arsenal…’


Probably referring to the way the club was run during his initial years here. The characters we were signing, who weren’t taking their game seriously.

What he fails to realise is how much of the chaos was also due to him.

Always felt like he was a walking calamity when he played for us; apart from his final season which was pretty good tbf.


I doubt he was saying anything negative about Arsenal. Seems like he is saying playing for Arsenal (and living in London) comes with more media scrutiny, press, etc. (e.g. chaos and being “in focus”). The pressure is higher at Arsenal because it’s a big club. Sounds like Granit is enjoying a more low key lifestyle at the moment.


I think all he’s saying is that at Leverkusen you aren’t constantly in the spotlight like you were at Arsenal. That’s how I take it when he says ‘other clubs are more in focus’.

Aka he no longer plays for a big team. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: beat me to it by a millisecond @Enrique.Shockwave haha


Yeah as above, think he just means that no one gives a fuck about Leverkusen, lol. The use of the word chaos is likely a translation thing, but of course if you hate Xhaka it’s easy to just go in on him.


Xhaka saw the writing on the wall. Arsenal didn’t pick up their extension option, Arsenal weren’t negotiating a new deal with him, Arsenal were actively looking at multiple midfielders hence as he says “his time was over”.

He cashed out while his stock was high and got his move.

Ngl, this does bother me a bit with some of our fans. He definitely fucked up when he did what he did and I don’t defend it but since then it does feel like some fans are constantly sifting through the rubble to find a route to hate him more.