Granit Xhaka

It is really crazy to go from being booed off the pitch to where he is now. Hard for me to think of another redemption arc like his. Credit to him and Arteta.

More crazy to think of him being a “hothead” in the past to a calming influence in the team.

Just crazy


He’s not getting dropped for Rice or SMS


He is. But it can wait.

He deserves this Jordan Henderson redemption arc he’s getting. Mind you he’s twice the player that plumber is.

He was incredible


Was surprised to know that hasn’t always been the case. That Shaqiri lad must’ve been robbing him even when he’s been finished for some time.

Actually. It wasn’t Shaqiri.

Ah I forgot about Yann Sommer.

Xhaka won it in 2017 though. Was he especially good for us then? I can’t remember.

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Look at Xhaka, Rashford influence. :point_right::neutral_face:

What’s date of his return? Was in great shape before the injury, would be great for us to have him like that again

Yeah, check his thread. He’s back.

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Fucking hell Xhaka. Great in the first half but what a stinker in the second half.
So predictable for City.

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Second half he should have played gabi through the middle of Eddie on the left or shoot, he did neither

Wasted our best 2 moments of the second half, one with an over hit pass and the other when he failed to get a shot off.

Was decent tonight but I think it’s time for Zinny to play a few games here.

His indecisiveness in the final third is genuinely shocking considering what he showed in the first half of the season.

Clearly playing out of his depth.
We got too comfortable with him thinking he’ll keep up with those levels but he once again shows he is the weak link in our first XI.

I reckon this drop-off would have happened with or without Jesus in the team. He still gets in great positions but he 9/10 picks the wrong option nowadays.

Unfortunately ESR is not fit to capitalize on it and get in the team and Vieira lacks the physicality to start games.

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Two great runs. They are stretched as fuck there. Swore so much when he kicked it off lol


He really bad in the second half man. Was responsible for many of our failed attempts to get out from our defence too.

Think a couple of their chances started from him passing it straight back to City players who started a counter.

A pass to gabi or Eddie creates a good chance for a goal, the two people you’d want to give the ball in that position