Graham Taylor has died

Former England manager has passed away at the age of 72.

And so it begins… r.i.p.

Damn you 2017



Fantastic manager, and an even greater man. Stood up for his principles.

Back back in he day me and a few mates were outside Highbury after some sort of reserve game or something against Aston Villa, graham taylor emerged and my mates big bro shouted “turnip”

Graham Taylor only went and grabbed him by the collar with 2 hands and shook him about screaming “do you think I like being called that”

Was fucking amazing scenes, wish camera phones were around back then


Such a shock to hear :frowning: Heck of a career. RIP.

“Michael Chamberlain - the father of baby killed by dingo - has died at the age of 82 in Australia after complications from leukaemia.”

Not quite David Bowie is it?

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For anyone who doesn’t know Taylor, he was a top club manager who was runner up to Liverpool in the league, who were the best team in Europe, and then went on to be the runner up in the league with Aston Villa.

When he was England manager, he was hounded out of his job by the vermin, or press as they are sometimes known, but still retained his dignity, a word which the media in this country know little about.


Did he manage at Italy '90? R.I.P. though.

No, that was Robson, another great man.

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is he gonna send him off? hes got to send him off

Was one of the original terrible co comintators if I remember correctly

Wonder if the sun will have the guts to print a good story about him in the paper tomorrow. The case of Taylor is yet another example of when the English press do nothing but hinder the national game and team.


Oh absolutely. The paper was full of fawning tributes to George Michael despite calling him a “poof” and a “pervert” in the past.


The Sun will never miss an opportunity to sell more of its shit papers !? Griefed him when he was alive and will be prob sycophantic as fck now he has passed away !!

Thanks for posting this, great memories!

RIP Graham Taylor, the Clough of my generation I think

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