Lads, I won some moneys yesterday (which I am not going to reveal in the betting thread because I don’t want to upset @JakeyBoy :stuck_out_tongue: ) and I plan to invest it on a GoPro camera as I’ve wanted one for some time.

I am still somewhat concerned if I am the right user for a GoPro camera because I plan to use it equally if not mostly for takings snaps compared to video and I am no vloger. I am also more of a tourist than an action figure but even then I ride a fixie bike and some snowboard. Then again, I like the simplicity of it, the video quality, the water-proofness, the small size, easy navigation and also the fish-eye angle, I actually think is cool.

I am going to go with the Hero 4 Silver. I watched a lot of reviews and besides some unconvincing improvements, the 5 doesn’t warrant the price upgrade and even though the quality is pretty equal, I happen to think the 4 is overall the better camera.

So before I actually order it, I’d like to give someone the last chance to tip me off and sway me in another direction.All friends I talk to, all say the GoPro is a terrific camera.

All tips and comments are very welcomed. Thanks.

It honestly sounds like you don’t need one. Or that your needs could be met by a similar, cheaper product at least.

Check out the sj4000. I’ve used one of those as my bike camera for a while now. Does the job.

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Thanks for the tip Sham. In your opinion, is GoPro a brand product, like apple, or is it really of distinguishable better quality than the competitors?

I can’t say for certain because I’ve never used an actual GoPro but you’ve pretty much outlined the reason I went with a cheaper version of the same thing. For what i was going to use it for it simply wouldn’t have been worth the extra cash.

But the thing is, I don’t really want just an action camera, I want a camera that shoots qualify pics/video and is easy to use. I don’t really care if I can use it on my bike if it shoots the same quality as my phone. And I don’t really want a DSLR which is why I’ve opted for the GoPro.

It’s from 2015 but worth a read I’d say. :slight_smile:

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Gave up on the GoPro last minute and ordered Xiomi Yi II 4k. Almost identical to the GoPro if not better than the Hero 4 Silver but twice as cheap.