Gooner Fanzine


Sad day altough into days climate of internet attention seekers it was on its last legs…Was a good read in its day along with Highbury High… Now we will just be left with AFCtv…

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used to read this a lot back in the day…but haven’t for years…shame but that’s the way of Fanzines nowadays



Haven’t bought or read this for some years but in the early phase of the pro/anti Wenger debate it was a good vehicle for opinion, in the days before Arsenal Fan TV.

Kevin’s articles were always worth reading, plus the Highbury Spy



I pulled the spy at QPR once for slagging off David Seaman…Then we all ended up singing Wonderwall, coz every goal that wrighty scores is blinding…

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Often end up buying 3 or 4 back copies on my rare visits over so it’s a definite part of the match day experience for me and definitely something I’ll miss when it’s gone.



“End of an era”

I saw this thread in the Arsenal section and immediately fired up Twitter expecting to see “Arsene Wenger” top trend.




If you think we’ll only have one new thread when that happens you’re quite mistaken my friend. :slight_smile:

But good point, I shall edit the title somewhat.



I suspect on the day Wenger announces officially that he’s not signing a new deal, I’m guessing this site will crash within minutes and be down for half a day :smile:

The burden of being the most popular Arsenal website out there :sunglasses:



I’ve probably got about a hundred issues of the gooner in my Arsenal crate up in the loft, as I got to about 11 or 12 years old it provided a cheaper and less bland antidote to the official programmes.

Never enjoyed the Highbury Spy, I thought he always came across as a bit full of himself and thought he was far funnier than he was. I thought the random insertion of “page 3 stunnahs” into his articles apropos of nothing was pretty seventies too.

As Robin says it was a good vehicle for opinion in the early days of Wenger In/Out but as time went on for me too many of the pieces were rabidly anti Wenger and disrespectful/hateful, in the same way that those thick wankers who run the “she wore a yellow ribbon” fb page behave.



I helped run that for awhile… Gave it up as it got very mind bendinly depressing esp that TN bloke…rant after rant. You can only take so much… AFCTV in print…

I did get to sell untold mugs through that page though… I’ve given up FB completely now, hate the place. .

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The Gooner has kept going longer than most and they are proper Arsenal people ,tis a shame !

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They were still bringing them round The George last season(mainly so the seller could get a drink)…Havent seen him in there for awhile now…



Used to buy this all the time way back when

Sad times indeed



Been getting this throughout the season. Always a good read so I’m signing up again. Be a shame to see it go.



Is this the same magazine that that glasses fella sells after a game?



I have no idea who you’re talking about. But yes. Probably.



Yes! :laughing: Know exactly who you mean, that guy has a lot of dedication

He also sells Gunflash and Highbury High if they’re still going

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“Getch yer Gooner mag!”