“Good” Twitter (X) Sources

Further to the recent discussion in the site feedback thread on the use of tweets on the site, I thought it might be worthwhile to have a discussion to establish what we consider a “good” twitter source.

This is not to say anything is going to be banned or prevented, especially at this stage, there’s been no discussion among the mod team about doing anything like that. But obviously it would be nice to have a shared understanding of what twitter sources we would all like to see on the site.

I am by no means a twitter expert, in fact I hate the platform with the fire of a thousand suns. But I thought I could at least get the ball rolling with a few suggestions and if others weigh in I could perhaps keep this post updated with what we consider a “good” source.

A “good” source doesn’t necessarily need to be one we like, but one whom we can recognise has credentials. For example, I have always considered John Cross an absolute hack since well before the time of Twitter but he is nonetheless a journalist working for a mainstream football news outlet.

So to start with:

  • Arsenal and football correspondents for all major British football publications and mainstream media such as newspapers, the BBC, The Athletic, ITV, Sky and TNT.

  • Media outlets with a close affiliation to Arsenal, eg Arseblog.

  • Noted European correspondents eg foreign Sky journalists, noted football publications like Marca or Bild.

  • Established football professionals, players, coaches, agents etc

  • sources nominated by users such as (in the past) AFC Bell who are clearly passing on information from some kind of briefing from inside Arsenal.

The last category is probably the hardest to manage and might need some regular review and updating.

Can I also suggest that where people might post a tweet that is not in English, it is expected they will supply a translation of some kind.

I think /r/soccer /r/gunners /r/Red Devils etc all have compiled lists of football journos that are considered to be legit and you’re basically only allowed to post tweets from them to stop worthless shit being posted, so might be worth taking a look at their lists to help us sort the wheat from the chaff.

It should be up to the intuitive sense of individual posters, especially given we don’t have a large number of posters. You really can’t define policies around content.

Most of the irritation is coming from @GC-Maniac twitter content and he has piped down a lot. A little more feedback from us and I am sure GC would understand where we are coming from and why we are not interested in crypto scammers like ishowspeed


Yeah this isn’t really necessary, most posters have the ability to rate sources.

I don’t even have an issue with shit sources being posted in the rumor thread about transfers, that’s what it’s for. Its a very useful discussion prompt


I think the problem comes with transfer rumours tbh. Having every single version of the same tweet saying fuck all every 3 hours is just a waste of time. Source doesn’t matter if it’s a genuine new update.

Eduardo the hag
X500 other bollocks itks

All posting the same shite then just retweeting the real update from horny orny.

Like we only need one of the updates unless it’s actually something different. Otherwise most tweets posted are intended for a laugh, I don’t think its that bad.

What do you think is the bigger issue here?
The twitter itk’s posting already known “news” recycling shit etc, or the users here who are sharing it on the forum?

Why even posting that crap here in the first place ffs? And along that tweet you (by “you” I mean the user who’s posting it not you actually :hipster: ) are complaining why are they doing that, while you’re literally doing a job for them and spreading their “news”.


Had to have a little rant, I’m so annoyed with that all the time… I’m regularly giving sarcastic likes to those posts inclunding such tweets, maybe I should stop idk :laca: